RedRover News

May 10, 2017

Meet our "Bond" contest winner!

By Maggie McMullen, Ottawa, Canada

Keegan came to me as an emergency foster from a backyard breeder.  This breeder chose to breed for appearance, regardless of the chances that the pups could be born with physical defects.

Keegan was about three months old, and I had just found out my dream career was not to be, as the company was claiming bankruptcy. I felt so destroyed and confused.

January 30, 2015

Take the pledge and win a prize!

Are you the type of pet lover who's in-the-know about healthy pet food, takes the dog on long walks and gives extra cuddles to feline friends? Do you share tips with other pet owners about all the best ways to keep their pets healthy, too? Then you should take the #IHeartMyPet pledge!

January 28, 2015

Attention: California, Illinois, Arizona, Oklahoma and Idaho!

Attention: California, Illinois, Arizona, Oklahoma and Idaho! Do you know of an elementary school that could use $5,000? If you do, please tell a teacher or principal about the 2015 RedRover Readers Impact Contest.