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Planned Giving

The Legacy Partner program enables you to donate using any of our planned giving options that align with your financial goals

Plan ahead so your kindness endures beyond your lifetime!

We’ve partnered with FreeWill, a free estate-planning resource that guides you through the process of creating your will and including a planned gift to RedRover, in just 20 minutes.

Do you have an IRA, 401(k), life-insurance policy, or any other assets not included in your will? These are called non-probate assets, and you must plan your beneficiaries for them separately. Review the options below to make your plans and designate RedRover as a beneficiary of these kinds of assets.

Already made a gift to RedRover in your estate plan? Please fill out this form to let us know so we can update our records and thank you for bringing animals out of crisis as a part of your legacy!

If you have any questions regarding planned giving, please contact us at (916) 429-2457, ext. 313 or email Erin Bialecki at

We also encourage you to consult with your legal and financial advisors when considering a planned gift.

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