Our People

person wearing white button-up shirt in front of plants

Katie Campbell

President and CEO

Woman with red hair wearing hoop earrings and a black sweater stands in front of a forest

Jenn Achuff

Administrative Assistant


Erin Bialecki

Director of Development and Communications

tortoise cat

Simone Bundang

Marketing Manager

woman and dog

Athena Cardiasmenos

Program Coordinator


Olivia Carpenter

Membership Coordinator

woman with dog

Johanna Casao

Communications Manager


Tanya Cook

Executive Assistant

man with small white terrier dog sits on a white couch

Mike Darron

Communications and Content Coordinator

woman and cat

Claire Downie

Membership and Administrative Assistant

Jenna Freshour

Program Coordinator

woman and dog

Beth Gammie

Director of Field Services

fluffy cat

Ketia Johnson

Community Outreach Coordinator II

woman and dog

Devon Krusko

Field Services and Community Programs Manager


Minhhan Takemoto

Program and Community Coordinator II

dog and woman
Sheri Madsen

Director of Public Relations and Partnerships


Laurel Meleski

Director of Operations

woman smiling

Karly Noel

Vice President of Operations and Education


Susie Robert

Vice President of Programs

dog and woman

Amelia Saris

Kind News™ Manager


Casey Slagerman

Director of Finance and Administration

woman with dog

Rachel Stevens

Director of Programs


Savannah Verdon

Development Manager

woman and kitten

Danielle Works

Community Outreach Coordinator II

woman and dog

Nancy Xiong

Program Coordinator II

Our Board

woman and cat

Jenny Coupe


Zoe Antoinette Eddy

Vice Chair

Woman with brown hair and black and red flannel shirt holds her dog, a black labrador

Krista Sheely


woman and dog

Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM

Board Director


Antoine Junior Melay

Board Director

Woman with brown hair and blue blouse sits by the water

Maggie Roberts

Board Director

Woman with brown hair and pink blazer sits on white chair

Chandler Self

Board Director