We are an emergency safety net for animals, offering shelter and care when and where they need it most. With the help of more than 4,000 volunteers, we provide vital emergency sheltering assistance for animals displaced by natural disasters and rescued from other crises, such as puppy mills and hoarding situations.

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RedRover Responders are volunteers committed to providing care for animals in crisis. As they do, they strengthen their connections to people and pets in their communities and beyond.

Want to make a difference? By joining our team, you’ll be trained to provide daily care for animals rescued from natural and man-made disasters. RedRover Responders count time spent in our temporary, emergency shelters as some of the most satisfying volunteer work they do.

Our diverse group of 4,300 active volunteers comes from all walks of life. The one thing they have in common is their desire to make a difference for animals in need.

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Anderson County, South Carolina (Puppy mill), 2013

Jefferson County, Arkansas (Puppy mill), 2014

Hurricane Isaac, Louisiana, 2012

What We Do

RedRover Responders work in cooperation with law enforcement, local agencies and animal organizations to shelter and care for animals displaced by natural disasters or rescued in law enforcement seizures. Since 1987, we have cared for thousands of animals in the U.S. and Canada during more than 200 crises. Additionally, RedRover is a founding member of the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC), established to increase the effectiveness of animal disaster response in the United States.

We specialize in setting up and operating temporary shelters when large numbers of animals are affected by storms, fires, floods, or other emergencies or when they’re rescued from large-scale cruelty situations such as puppy mills and hoarding cases. We offer services free of charge.

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Texas floods, 2015

Dogfighting response, 2013

Madison County, Arkansas (puppy mill), 2016

  • The highlight of my deployment was holding the animals who were so desperate to have human contact. I could feel them melt into my chest.

    RedRover Responders volunteer, 2014 Jefferson County, Arkansas (puppy mill)
  • It’s invigorating. I thought I was going to be tired every day, and I have found that being around these people that are here for the same reason, from all walks of life....By the end of the day, I’m not tired at all....You feel like you have an extended family now.

    Donna Gonda, 2016 Domestic Violence Shelter Build Project
  • The most rewarding part is seeing some of the dogs come out of their shell, even just a little bit. A tiny tail wag on a dog that had previously been completely shut down was a huge thrill for me.

    RedRover Responders volunteer, 2016 Madison County (puppy mill)
  • The teamwork is like nothing I've experienced before when volunteering. At the end of the day, we do it for the animals. And you leave feeling like you have made a huge difference, and new friends.

    RedRover Responders volunteer, 2016 North Texas (failed sanctuary response)
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