RedRover Responder volunteers have been called to aid animals in more than 200 disasters and other crises since 1987.

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  1. Cheshire County animal shelter pet housing build (NH)
  2. Marlboro County animal shelter pet housing build (SC)
  3. Houston PetSet animal rescue and transport (TX)
  4. Washington County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (ME)
  5. Mineral Wells hoarding (TX)
  1. Dixie County dog rescue (FL)
  2. West Virginia domestic violence shelter pet housing build (WV)
  3. Butte County fires (CA)
  4. Missouri domestic violence shelter pet housing build (MO)
  5. South Korean dog rescue (MD)
  1. Hart County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (GA)
  2. Pennsylvania hoarding (PA)
  3. Hillsborough County puppy mill x 2 (FL)
  4. Salina County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (KS)
  5. Holmes County dog hoarding (FL)
  6. Androscoggin County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (ME)
  7. Oakland canine influenza outbreak (CA)
  8. Hunterton County hoarding (NJ)
  9. Texas cat hoarding (TX)
  10. North Texas hoarding (TX)
  11. Remote Area Medical Clinic (TN)
  12. Tulsa Floods (OK)
  13. El Dorado County rescue (CA)
  14. Leon County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (FL)
  15. Maricopa County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (AZ)
  1. Taylor County TNVR event (FL)
  2. New London County domestic violence shelter pet housing build (CT)
  3. Camp Fire (CA)
  4. San Marcos cruelty case (TX)
  5. Detroit domestic violence shelter pet housing build (MI)
  6. Hurricane Michael (Pensacola, FL)
  7. Hurricane Michael (Freeport, FL)
  8. Hurricane Florence (SC)
  9. Stevens County puppy mill x 2 (WA)
  10. Carr Fire (CA)
  11. Jones County rescue (MS)
  12. Remote Area Medical Clinic (TN)
  13. Sacramento County rabbit rescue (CA)
  1. Hurricane Maria (NJ)
  2. Hurricane Irma (FL)
  3. Hurricane Harvey (TX)
  4. Butte County Wall fire (CA)
  5. Eastern Texas tornadoes (TX)
  6. Oroville Dam crisis (CA)
  7. New Jersey cat rescue (NJ)
  8. South Korean dog meat rescue (FL)
  1. Madison County puppy mill (AR)
  2. North Texas hoarding case (TX)
  3. Buck County community cat TNVR (PA)
  4. Maui community cat TNVR (HI)
  5. Jefferson County dog hoarding (AR)
  6. Gallia County dog hoarding (OH)
  7. Ascension Parish flood relief (LA)
  8. Carrabus County puppy mill (NC)
  9. North Texas failed sanctuary (TX)
  10. Longview domestic violence shelter pet housing build (WA)
  1. Flooding, San Marcos  (TX)
  2. Hancock County shelter build (MS)
  3. Pike County sheltering deployment (OH)
  4. St. George Island TNVR event (FL)
  5. Maui Trapped in Paradise project (HI)
  6. Posey County hoarding case (IN)
  7. Chatham County hoarding case (NC)
  8. Washington County case (OH)
  9. Adams County rescue (OH)
  10. Georgetown flooding (SC)
  1. Mohave County dog rescue (AZ)
  2. Hunterdon County animal sheltering (NJ)
  3. ASPCA cockfighting rescue (NY)
  4. Jefferson County puppy mill (AR)
  5. West Virginia puppy mill (WV)
  6. South Florida Stand Down (FL)
  7. Quebec puppy mill (QC)
  8. Bradley County puppy mill (TN)
  9. Cherokee County puppy mill (GA)
  10. Jackson County puppy mill (WV)
  1. Forest Animal Rescue Sanctuary Move x 2 (FL)
  2. Oklahoma Tornadoes x 2 (OK)
  3. White County hoarding seizure (AR)
  4. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation dog relocation x 3 (SD)
  5. Anderson County puppy mill (SC)
  6. ASPCA dogfighting raid x 2 (FL)
  7. HSUS dogfighting deployment x 2 (FL)
  8. Abitibi-Témiscamingue Dog Rescue (Canada)
  1. Rowan County animal cruelty situation, second deployment (KY)
  2. Eastland puppy mill rescue (TX)
  3. Caboodle Ranch cat sanctuary seizure (FL)
  4. Georgetown hoarding (OH)
  5. Montgomery County Spindletop Refuge Pit Bull Rescue (TX)
  6. Richland County puppy mill rescue (OH)
  7. Hurricane Isaac (LA)
  8. Hurricane Isaac, Rescue Ranch deployment (LA)
  9. Superstorm Sandy, three shelter locations (NJ)
  10. Superstorm Sandy, Brooklyn shelter (NY)
  1. Lewisburg puppy mill rescue (TN)
  2. Houston County hoarding seizure (AL)
  3. Franklin County hoarding seizure (OH)
  4. Apache County hoarding seizure (AZ)
  5. Flooding (Kennett, MO)
  6. Flooding (Natchez, MS)
  7. Tornado (Joplin, MO)
  8. Gainesville cat hoarding seizure (FL)
  9. Flooding (Pierre, SD)
  10. Flooding (Minot, ND)
  11. Flooding (Binghamton, NY)
  12. LaChute puppy mill (Quebec, Canada)
  13. Placer County Veterans Stand Down (CA)
  14. Gainesville cat hoarding seizure, part II (FL)
  15. Virginia City cat hoarding (NV)
  16. Rowan County animal cruelty situation (KY)
  17. Garland County animal cruelty situation (AR)
  18. Criminal seizure shelter (location unannounced)
  1. Washington County abuse and dogfighting seizure (GA)
  2. Kemper County cruelty seizure (MS)
  3. White County puppy mill (TN)
  4. Kern County cat hoarding (CA)
  5. Mason County equine cruelty (WV)
  6. Kern County Chihuahua rescue (CA)
  7. Fallon County shelter rescue (MT)
  8. Springfield bird rescue (MO)
  9. Wibaux County hoarding case (MT)
  10. California domestic rat rescue (MT)
  11. Bloomington puppy mill  (IN)
  1. Wayne County puppy mill seizure (NC)
  2. Adair County hoarding situation (KY)
  3. Logan County puppy mill seizure (AR)
  4. Fargo flooding (ND)
  5. Jesusita Fire (CA)
  6. Dane County hoarding case (WI)
  7. Kennewick puppy mill seizure (WA)
  8. Montague County puppy mill seizure (TX)
  9. Midwest dogfighting raid (MO)
  10. West Oahu hoarding situation (HI)
  11. Montreal puppy mill seizure (QC)
  12. Kaufman County puppy mil seizure (TX)
  13. Wilson County puppy mill seizure (NC)
  14. Turner County puppy mill seizure (SD)
  15. Johnson County puppy mill seizure (AR)
  16. Montreal sled dog neglect case (QC)
  17. Cannon County horse rescue (TN)
  1. “Camp Reno” emergency sheltering and socialization  (NV)
  2. Hendersonville animal shelter (NC)
  3. Humboldt Fire (CA)
  4. Cedar Rapids flood (IA)
  5. Butte Lightning Complex Fire (CA)
  6. Puppy mill seizure (TN)
  7. Camp Fire (CA)
  8. Parkersburg puppy mill seizure (WV)
  9. Hurricane Gustav (LA)
  10. Hurricane Ike (TX)
  11. Montreal, Canada puppy mill seizures, September/October (ON)
  12. Montreal, Canada puppy mill seizure, December (ON)


  1. Greensburg tornado (KS)
  2. Coffeyville flooding (KS)
  3. Puppy mill criminal seizure (ME)
  1. Animal hoarding case (TX)
  2. Animal shelter disease outbreak (FL)
  3. Power outage (MO)
  4. New York floods (NY)
  1. Villalobos Rescue Center mudslide (CA)
  2. Dolphin stranding (FL)
  3. Chicken rescue and rehoming (CA)
  4. Hurricane Katrina (LA, MS)
  5. Hurricane Rita (TX)
  6. Project BArkansas animal cruelty case  (AR)
  1. Riverside Fire (CA)
  2. Humane Investigation (MT)
  3. Sage Fire (CA)
  4. Steven’s Fire (CA)
  5. Hurricane Charley (FL)
  1. Midwest Tornadoes (MO)
  2. Kinishba Fire (AZ)
  3. Missoula Wildfires (MT)
  4. Hurricane Isabel (NC and VA)
  5. Southern California Wildfires (CA)
  1. Iron Mountain Fire (CO)
  2. Texas Floods (TX)
  3. Rodeo Fire (AZ)
  1. Terrorist Attack (NY)
  2. Hyampom Wild Land Fire (CA)
  3. Oregon Wild Land Fire (CA)
  4. West Virginia Flood (WV)
  5. Tropical Storm Allison (TX)
  6. Viejas Wild Land Fire (CA)
  1.  Bitterroot Valley Wild Land Fires (MT)
  1. Oklahoma Tornadoes (OK)
  2. Hurricane Bret (TX)
  3. Hurricane Dennis (NC)
  4. Hurricane Floyd (NC)
  1. North Carolina Flood (NC)
  2. Northern California Flood (CA)
  3. Florida Tornadoes (FL)
  4. Florida Wildfires (FL)
  5. Hurricane Bonnie (NC)
  6. Texas Floods (TX)
  7. Hurricane Georges (MS)
  1. Northern California Flood (CA)
  2. Ohio/Kentucky Flood (OH and KY)
  3. Arkansas Tornadoes (AR)
  4. North Dakota Flood (ND)
  5. Poland Flood (Warsaw, Poland)
  1. Hondo Fire (NM)
  2. Miller Reach Fire (AK)
  3. Hurricane Bertha (NC)
  4. Hurricane Fran (SC)
  1. Sacramento Flood (CA)
  2. Earthquake (JAPAN)
  3. Monterey Flood (CA)
  4. Virginia Flood (VA)
  5. Hurricane Marilyn (FL)
  6. Hurricane Opal (FL)
  1. Northridge Earthquake (CA)
  2. Georgia Flood (GA)
  3. Texas Flood (TX)
(as consultants)
  1. Midwest Flood (MO)
  2. Southern California Wildfires (CA)
  3. Hurricane Andrew (FL)
  4. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (AK)
  5. Hurricane Hugo (SC)
  6. Yellowstone Fire (WY)
  7. Whale Rescue (AK)