Cass County, Missouri (October 19 – 23) – We’re pleased to announce that $100,000 in grants provided by Greater Good Charities and Purple Leash Project will allow Hope Haven of Cass County to expand onsite housing for the animal victims of domestic abuse. The Purple Leash Project is a partnership between RedRover and Purina with a goal of ensuring there is at least one pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in every state by the end of 2020. There are only two states remaining that do not have a pet-friendly domestic violence shelter: Hawaii and Rhode Island.

RedRover is teaming up with Rescue Rebuild, a program of Greater Good Charities, to help transform Hope Haven of Cass County into a more pet-friendly domestic violence shelter. Rescue Rebuild repairs and renovates domestic violence shelters and animal shelters in need all across the nation. Each domestic violence shelter build always includes a variety of indoor and outdoor pet-enrichment spaces to ensure pets can stay active and stimulated while living and healing in their new space.

In collaboration with Purina, RedRover provides Purple Leash Project Safe Housing grants to domestic violence shelters so they can build pet-friendly, co-sheltering spaces for survivors with pets, allowing them to escape abuse and heal together. Currently, 17% of domestic violence shelters in the U.S. allow pets, according to RedRover’s database.

“We are grateful that our Purple Leash Project partnership with Purina enables more survivors to escape their abusers with their pets,” said RedRover President and CEO, Nicole Forsyth. “And RedRover is honored anytime we can work alongside the experts at Rescue Rebuild to transform a shelter to welcome pets.”

RedRover often supports domestic violence shelters by sending their staff and volunteers to help drive Rescue Rebuild’s projects, designs and construction expertise. Over six days, RedRover staff will join Rescue Rebuild to transform two 12’ x 24’ buildings (one designated for cats and the other for dogs) into pet living rooms and visiting spaces where survivors can visit and play with their pets. Each space will have heating and air conditioning and will be freshly painted and equipped with pet-friendly flooring. The cat home will be filled with cat enrichment equipment such as cat perches and bridges, free roaming space, as well as cat cages so that new cats can be properly introduced safely. The dog home will include indoor dog runs with dog doors that lead to enclosed individual relief spaces. Additionally, the team will build a large dog play yard with privacy fencing around the building to enable survivors and their pets more bonding time outdoors.

“As a nonprofit that works to protect the well-being of people, pets and the planet, we understand the importance of the animal-human bond, especially during times of crisis.” said Bryna Donnelly, Director of Rescue Rebuild for Greater Good Charities. “We look forward to supporting domestic violence survivors of Missouri during the healing process by helping to keep them together with their beloved pets.”

Hope Haven of Cass County Executive Director, Jenna Neumann stated, “Hope Haven is excited to be getting brand new buildings that will serve as Paw Haven! We will not only have one safe shelter for pets fleeing with survivors onsite, but two! With this project, Hope Haven will be able to offer safe and healing spaces for survivors to flee violence with their beloved pets. We are honored to be one of the 17% of domestic violence shelters who offer pet services to survivors.”

About RedRover

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About Hope Haven

Hope Haven has been serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence for 25 years. We serve survivors in our emergency shelter and through our outreach program. All survivors have a Case Manager that meets one on one with them to set goals so all survivors can find safe and stable housing, free from abuse. In 2017 we began serving pets as well as the men, women, and children that are fleeing domestic and sexual violence daily. We work tirelessly to end domestic and sexual violence, but until that happens Hope Haven will be here for those survivors that need us. 

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To arrange an onsite shelter visit, or to learn more about RedRover and its partners, email or call 916.600.8157. Download PDF here.