Volunteers play a vital role in RedRover’s work to shelter animals during emergency situations and prevent animal abuse through innovative humane education.

Our RedRover Responders volunteers live all across the United States and Canada, and they come together – united – to work for a common purpose.

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What do volunteers do?

RedRover offers volunteer opportunities to directly care for animals in crisis at a temporary emergency shelter and to prevent animal cruelty before it starts, leading to a kinder and more compassionate world for all.

Our volunteers help care for animals who have been rescued from crisis situations, such as natural disasters and cruelty cases, through the RedRover Responders program. Our RedRover Readers volunteers read with children and promote empathy toward animals and people. We also have opportunities for people to make a difference by becoming a Media Volunteer Person, volunteering as a Board Director or contributing in everyday ways like helping at our Sacramento office and coordinating youth service projects.

RedRover volunteers are passionate about making a difference for animals, ensuring that wherever possible, animals get a second chance at living happy, healthy lives with people who love them.

  • To be able to see the difference RedRover makes in the lives of animals (and humans) is not only heart-warming, it’s the essence of what volunteerism is all about.

    RedRover Responders Volunteer
  • [The RedRover Readers training] absolutely changed the way I teach, interact with students, and frame my thinking. I LOVE it!

    RedRover Readers volunteer and trained teacher
  • The impact RedRover has had on me is showing it’s not just people putting their opinions out there, it’s real people working, taking days off, driving, flying, getting down and dirty… It’s a great thing to be a part of.

    RedRover Media Volunteer Person
  • Becoming a board director has been a great opportunity for me to be more involved with the programs, staff and other volunteers who share my passion with this amazing organization

    RedRover Board Director

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Share Domestic Violence Resources

Join RedRover and Purina to help pets and people escape abuse together by supporting the Purple Leash Project.

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RedRover Responders Volunteers

RedRover Responders volunteers are the backbone of our efforts to provide lifesaving care and sheltering for animal victims of natural disasters, cruelty and neglect.

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RedRover Readers Educators

RedRover Readers volunteers and teachers help children develop their critical thinking skills while fostering empathy and compassion for animals and people.

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Everyday Ways to Help

From distributing fliers to coordinating youth service projects, find ways to help make a difference in your area.

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Media Volunteer Program

Got photography and videography skills? Become a Media Volunteer (MVP) for RedRover Responders emergency sheltering deployments and other RedRover activities.

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Office Volunteers

Help RedRover run smoothly by lending a hand in our Sacramento office, with tasks like mailings, data entry and more.

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