Take the RedRover Readers training

Learn to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum and help children explore the human-animal bond through stories and discussion.

  • Self-paced, three-week course. Learn how to use the question strategies and discussion techniques in the RedRover Readers curriculum to maximize the development of empathy skills and more.

    Open to all educators. Upon completion of the course, participants gain access to resources and curriculum to implement the RedRover Readers program in their school or community.

    Our online course is open to teams of teachers who would like to attend the RedRover Readers workshop together.

    The registration fee for the online course is $79 per educator. The next online course will be October 1 through October 22. 

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  • Email our Education Department at Readers@redrover.org to request a RedRover Readers professional development workshop for your school or school district. The workshop is an engaging, five-hour session that helps educators develop reasoning, decision-making, and empathetic thinking skills in their students. We work with your professional development coordinator to arrange the details, including Continuing Education Credits.

    At the conclusion of the training, educators will be able to:

    • Access and implement the RedRover Readers curriculum
    • Increase student engagement and pro-social skills
    • Understand Social and Emotional Learning components and how these, as well as Common Core standards, link to RedRover Readers curriculum
    • Use specific question strategies to elicit independent thinking and promote empathy
    • Expand conversation and facilitate discussions
    • Demonstrate genuine interest in student responses and model effective communication skills
    • Recognize stories as useful tools in developing moral reasoning and empathy for others
    • Be more familiar with students’ emotional reactions and attitudes about animals.
  • Be notified when a RedRover Readers training is happening in your area.

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  • This was the best workshop I’ve ever taken! – I mean it. It was thoughtful, informative and inspiring.

    Maggie Amiano - Former Teacher and RedRover Readers Trained Humane Educator

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