Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Our RedRover Relief program offers one-time grants to low- or no-income families, rescuers, and Good Samaritans facing emergency veterinary crises. Please review the established guidelines to see if your situation qualifies.

  • Educators are encouraged to take the RedRover Readers training.

  • Sign up to receive RedRover’s email updates. RedRover’s emails are full of ways you can take action to help animals. Also visit our volunteering page to see ways that you can apply RedRover’s programs to help your community now.

  • No. We only shelter animals temporarily during natural disasters and other crises. If you witness abuse or encounter an animal in trouble, call your local animal control agency.

    No. We operate temporary, emergency animal shelters during and after disasters through our RedRover Responders program. If you need to find a place for an animal in Sacramento, please see Sacramento animal resources.

  • By completing the training program, including attending a RedRover Responders Volunteer Training Workshop

  • No. Our office is in Sacramento, California, and our programs operate nationally. Some of our programs are also available in Canada.

  • RedRover has 22 paid employees and more than 3,800 volunteers in the United States and Canada.

  • United Animal Nations became RedRover on June 11, 2011. We changed our name to better reflect our work. Red was an already important and active color in our organization, representing strength, determination and passion. The name RedRover captures the energy, dedication and tireless work of our organization, volunteers, supporters and donors.

  • RedRover is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. All of our programs are designed to bring animals from crisis to care and strengthen the bond between people and animals.

  • In many states in which RedRover is registered to fundraise, we are often asked if any of our Directors and officers have been convicted of a crime. In addition, because our Directors and officers are ultimately responsible for financial oversight and may be representing themselves as RedRover Directors, it is important to ensure past criminal activity would not be used against the organization or present any unnecessary liability for us. All of our staff, RedRover Readers volunteers (who work directly with children), RedRover Responders team leaders and volunteer workshop facilitators complete criminal background checks. These volunteer leadership positions carry a high level of responsibility, including ensuring safety protocols are followed and paying for expenses.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The background check searches only for criminal history and does not result in the release of any information pertaining to an individual’s credit history.

  • Brand Vision

    RedRover is a soft hand and warm heart in times when animals and people are in need, crisis and pain. Our thousands of passionate volunteers, donors and supporters recognize that the world would be darker and colder without us. So they mobilize. They answer when the RedRover rally cry is called. We are about engagement… not only with each other… but also side-by-side with other animal professionals, animal groups, local officials, law enforcement, media and schools. We bring animals out of crisis and into care, and discover new ways to strengthen the common bond between people and animals.

    Brand Attributes

    Caring. Respected. Unwavering. Inspirational. Vigilant.

    RedRover seeks to promote a culture throughout the organization that aligns with our brand attributes.

  • The mission of RedRover is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. RedRover accomplishes its mission by engaging volunteers and supporters, collaborating with others and maximizing the use of online technology.

    RedRover Responders 
    We care for animals displaced by natural disasters and help reconnect them to owners. We care for animals rescued from mass cruelty found in hoarding cases, puppy mills and other significant abuse situations.

    RedRover Readers
    We help children develop empathy and explore the bond between people and animals through stories and discussion. We encourage children to share information about animals, reflect on the roles of animals in their communities and determine our collective responsibilities towards them.

    RedRover Relief 
    We provide financial assistance to pet owners and Good Samaritans to obtain urgent veterinary care. We offer financial assistance and guidance to families with pets to enable them to escape abuse together.

  • Yes. If you would like to receive a copy of our policy, please email Nicole.

  • Although there is no set minimum, the expectation is for all Directors to give annually, ideally at least $250 a year. The average giving level among Directors is currently $450 a year.

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