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RedRover Relief

Urgent Care grants

The RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant program provides financial assistance, resources, and emotional support for pet guardians struggling with economic hardship when pets are in life-threatening situations.

The average grant is around $250, and is intended to fill a small gap in funding that is keeping an animal from care.

RedRover will be closed Monday, July 4. You may still submit an application, but it will not be seen until Tuesday, July 5, and may take 1-2 business days to process. 

Steps to Apply

Are you eligible?

All of the following must apply:

  • The applicant must be seeking assistance for one animal with a life-threatening injury or illness that requires urgent and specific treatment.
  • Must have a diagnosis and treatment plan from a veterinarian. RedRover cannot pay for office exams or diagnostic testing.
  • Treatment must have a good or favorable outcome.
  • Proof of income must be provided upon request.
  • The animal must be spayed or neutered (if the animal is not already spayed/neutered, please include plans for having this done when submitting the application).
  • The applicant must attempt to find funding through their own means, personal contacts, and other assistance programs. See our suggestions for fundraising.
  • Both the applicant and the animal must live in the United States.
  • If a grant is awarded, the grant recipient must be willing to provide updates and photos to RedRover.
  • Before submitting an application, notify the veterinary office that the applicant is seeking financial assistance and give them permission to release information to RedRover.

If an animal is in need of immediate care, where any delay will put the animal at risk, it is the owner's responsibility and duty to see care for the animal immediately. There is no guarantee that the RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant program will be able to provide financial assistance.

RedRover cannot help if any of the following apply:

  • Treatment has been completed.
  • A RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant has already been awarded to this applicant, household, or animal.
  • The animal’s medical needs are for:
    • ongoing conditions or treatments (such as diabetes or chemotherapy/radiation)
    • testing or diagnostic work (such as X-rays, MRI, or blood work)
    • routine care (such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, or annual exams)

Our business hours are 8:30 - 4:30 Pacific time, Monday - Friday. Applications submitted outside of these hours will be reviewed by our case managers as soon as possible the next business day. We review applications in the order they are received, and a reply can take 1-2 business days. Calls from RedRover will be from a 916 area code.


Check out our FAQs

Not eligible for RedRover Urgent Care funding?

If you are not eligible for a RedRover Urgent Care Grant, please read through our resources for suggestions on next steps.

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