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  • Kind News™ magazine is an eight-page publication that helps children understand and respect animals and think about why treating animals and people with kindness matters. The magazine encourages both empathy and critical thinking in children by celebrating the human-animal bond and helps motivate children to take action to improve the lives of animals. Kind News uses engaging articles and short features to emphasize issues affecting animals and provide tips for  understanding animal behavior and  caring for pets. Its appealing design and interactive content help enhance children’s enjoyment of reading, as well as spark critical thinking and thoughtful discussion.

    Kind News is aligned with national teaching standards and can be easily integrated into school curriculum. The magazine is available in two levels: Kind News™, Jr. (grades K-2) and Kind News™ (grades 3-6). Kind News can be ordered for an individual child (individual home subscription) or for a classroom. There are five issues throughout the school year for both home and classroom subscriptions.


         Please note that delivery dates may vary slightly.

    Kind News Delivery Schedule


    Delivery Date Range

     January/February 2018

    January 15-19, 2018

    March/ April 2018

    March 26-30, 2018

    May/June 2018

    May 21-25, 2018

    September/October 2018

    September 5-10, 2018

    November/December 2018

    November 5-8, 2018

    January/February 2019

    January 7-10, 2019

    March/April 2019

    March 11-14, 2019

    May/June 2019

    May 13-16, 2019

  • Kind News is produced and sent out to subscribers every two months September through May.


    Kind News Subscription Schedule
    Issue We must have your order with payment by:
    May/June 2018 Deadline has already past
    September/October 2018 July 2, 2018
    November/December 2018 September 12, 2018
    January/February 2019 November 13, 2018
         Please note that if you are subscribing or renewing a subscription to Kind News and your check arrives after the cutoff date, there may be a delay or interruption in service.
  • A bundle of one level (28 copies and a teacher’s guide) of each issue of Kind News, which arrives every two months five times throughout the school year beginning with the August/September issue.

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  • A classroom subscription is $30 and it includes five (5) bimonthly bundles of one reading level of Kind News. Each bundle contains 28 copies and a teacher’s guide.

  • We are not able to customize the number of issues each classroom receives. If you need more copies, you will need to order another subscription. Some subscribers share extras with another teacher or school librarian.

  • Yes, to place an order or renew 1-49 classroom subscriptions, please visit to complete the form or call 1-877-902-9757 (toll free) or 818-487-2097 (local or international).

  • Please call 916-241-3513 or email

    • Since a year-long classroom subscription to Kind News is only $30.00, you could fund your classroom for one school year by requesting that each student bring in a small amount at the beginning of the year. For example, if you have a class with 30 students, you could ask that each student brings in $1.00.
    • Why not get your students directly involved by having a class bake sale, car wash or other fun activity that reaches your community? You may even be able to raise the money for your subscription by holding just one of these events.
    • Request to speak at your next meeting for your school’s PTO, PTA or parent organization to ask the organization to consider funding the magazine for your classroom or even your entire grade level. Be sure to explain that Kind News not only teaches students why treating people and animals with kindness matters, but can also be integrated into many subject areas to enhance students’ reading levels and knowledge of content-focused subjects such as Science.
  • Kind News is consistently praised by teachers as an excellent supplementary resource that requires little or no prep.

    Kind News is aligned with national education standards and can be integrated smoothly into subjects like math, science and language arts. The teacher’s guide included with each classroom subscription contains suggested standard-aligned activities that can easily be expanded or adapted to meet the needs of your classroom. 

  • Yes, a subscription entitles you to five issues of Kind News. If you subscribe after the school year begins, the subscription will be carried over into the next school year. Please see the Kind News Subscription Schedule above for issue order deadlines.

  • Please call 1-877-902-9757 (toll free) or 818-487-2097 (local or international).

  • An individual subscription is $10 and includes five (5) issues of one level of the magazine.

    Individual subscriptions consist of one copy of one level of each issue sent directly to a child’s home.

  • Yes, to place an order for an individual home subscription or renew your current individual home subscription, please visit: and complete the form or call 1-877-902-9757 (toll free) or 818-487-2097 (local or international).

    Order Now
  • Please call 1-877-902-9757 (toll free) or 818-487-2097 (local or international).

    • Animal Care Agencies
    • Humane Societies
    • Members of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
  • To view discounted rates and place an order/renew existing Kind News subscriptions, please visit and complete the form.

  • Teachers who wish to be added to the Adopt-a-Classroom waiting list are added based on need, Title I school status and on a first come first served basis. Donations to our general classroom fund fluctuate so assignment of a sponsor is not guaranteed.

  • Please contact or (916) 241-3513.

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