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  • Our RedRover Relief program offers one-time grants to low- or no-income families, rescuers, and Good Samaritans facing emergency veterinary crises. Please review the established guidelines to see if your situation qualifies.

  • The RedRover Readers program is a unique social and emotional learning program helping children practice critical thinking, empathy and the skills necessary for positive relationships while engaging with stories and discussions. Read more about the program, watch our video and view our infographic (PDF).

  • Kind News™ magazine is an eight-page publication that helps children understand and respect animals and think about why treating animals and people with kindness matters. The magazine encourages both empathy and critical thinking in children by celebrating the human-animal bond and helps motivate children to take action to improve the lives of animals. Kind News uses engaging articles and short features to emphasize issues affecting animals and provide tips for  understanding animal behavior and  caring for pets. Its appealing design and interactive content help enhance children’s enjoyment of reading, as well as spark critical thinking and thoughtful discussion.

    Kind News is aligned with national teaching standards and can be easily integrated into school curriculum. The magazine is currently available in three reading levels: Primary (grades K-2), Junior (grades 3-4) and Senior (grades 5-6). Beginning in January of 2018, it will be available in two levels: Kind News™, Jr. (grades K-2) and Kind News™ (grades 3-6). Kind News can be ordered for an individual child (individual home subscription) or for a classroom. Also, starting in 2018, there will be five issues throughout the school year for both home and classroom subscriptions.

  • 10 years. The RedRover Readers program was launched in 2007.

  • Third- and fourth-grade students. Cognitively speaking, children at this age are developing the complex perspective-taking skills that are needed to take the perspectives of the characters – both human and non-human – in the stories and understand that their perspective might be different from their peers. Perspective-taking is a precursor for building empathy.

    Children in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade also have participated in the RedRover Readers program and were highly engaged.


    Kind News Delivery Schedule


    Delivery Date Range

       August/September 2017

    September 5-8, 2017

     October/November 2017

    November 6-10, 2017

     January/February 2018

    January 15-19, 2018

    March/ April 2018

    March 26-30, 2018

    May/June 2018

    May 21-25, 2018

         Please note that delivery dates may vary slightly.
  • The RedRover Readers curriculum is a collection of Discussion and Activity Guides designed for specially chosen, high-quality children’s literature coupled with specific question strategies, discussion techniques and follow-up activities.

  • Kind News is produced and sent out to subscribers every two months September through May.

  • Educators are encouraged to take the RedRover Readers training.


    Kind News Subscription Schedule
    Issue We must have your order with payment by:
       August/September 2017 Deadline has already past
     October/November 2017 Deadline has already past
    January/February 2017-18 Deadline has already past
    March/April 2018 January 17, 2018
    May/June 2018 March 16, 2018
         Please note that if you are subscribing or renewing a subscription to Kind News and your check arrives after the cutoff date, there may be a delay or interruption in service.
  • As a teacher, you can take the training and learn how to implement the innovative RedRover Readers curriculum. Before 2013, volunteers visited classrooms and implemented the RedRover Readers curriculum. Volunteers are available only in select cities in the United States and Canada. Because we do not have volunteers in every city, teachers everywhere are encouraged to take the training and use the curriculum with their own students. Teachers who have participated in the RedRover Readers program report using the curriculum in other areas of their teaching and that they know much more about their students as a result of the program.

  • Inverness Research Inc. conducted a pilot research study to investigate the effectiveness of the RedRover Readers curriculum, then called the Humane Education Ambassador Readers (HEAR) program, in 2009. The researchers found that the RedRover Readers program:

    • Builds self-esteem and motivates students to take an important subject seriously
    • Stimulates additional student-directed learning
    • Builds students’ knowledge and potentially affects their behaviors related to caring for pets
    • Builds students’ empathy and compassion for pets

    Read the full research report

    We are currently working with the Dr. Emanuel Castano from The New School for Social Research to further investigate the program.

    In order to tell if the program has benefited students, RedRover has identified two validated measures to assess the effectiveness of the RedRover Readers curriculum. Please email and request the measures.

  • After completing the RedRover Readers training you are given access to the RedRover Readers curriculum online.

  • In 2016, RedRover Relief Urgent Care issued 498 grants totaling $124,144. RedRover Relief Safe Escape issued $60,874 in grants to help 127 animals with 3775 nights of safe boarding. RedRover Relief Safe Housing helped 12 domestic violence shelters across the country with $70,417 to build co-sheltering spaces so that people and their pets can stay safe together. RedRover depends upon on donations from kind supporters to run the RedRover Relief program.

  • Thank you for wanting to promote the RedRover Readers program. Please share the RedRover Readers infographic with them.

    Stay Informed! Sign up for our quarterly Teachers’ Humane Education (THE) enewsletter.

  • Yes, RedRover has compiled a comprehensive directory of organizations in the United States and Canada that provide financial assistance with veterinary care. We encourage you to apply with other organizations and to make use of our list of tips and fundraising ideas.

  • A bundle of one level (28 copies and a teacher’s guide) of each issue of Kind News, which arrives every two months five times throughout the school year beginning with the August/September issue.

  • RedRover offers online and in-person professional development workshops. These trainings are geared toward educators but all are welcome to attend. Learn more at  

  • For a limited time, RedRover is providing free on-site professional development training to school districts and individual elementary schools wanting to adopt RedRover Readers curriculum. The registration fee for individual educators to attend the online training is $79. Please email to request testimonials from teachers and students about the program.

  • No, we are not a spay/neuter assistance program. The following organizations can help you find low-cost or free spaying and neutering:

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