What We Do

RedRover staff and volunteers provide temporary emergency sheltering, resources, financial assistance and emotional support when animals and people are in crisis. We empower educators to help kids develop empathy and awareness of animals’ well-being and increase awareness about the importance of the human-animal bond.

  • Being a broke college student, I felt helpless with the large vet bill. When I heard that RedRover could help with a portion of Cody's vet bill for emergency surgery, it took a lot of weight off my shoulders.

    RedRover Relief Urgent Care Grant Recipient

Shadow, Urgent Care grant recipient

Sammy, Urgent Care grant recipient

Safe Escape grant recipients

RedRover Relief

Providing financial assistance, resources and support to pet guardians and survivors of domestic violence.

  • Funds to board pets whose owners are escaping violence
  • Life-saving veterinary care for families in need
  • Emergency shelter options to keep animals and owners together
  • Grants to help organizations feed hungry pets

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  • The highlight of my deployment was holding the animals who were so desperate to have human contact. I could feel them melt into my chest.

    RedRover Responders volunteer, 2014 Jefferson County, Arkansas (puppy mill)

Oroville Dam Crisis, California, 2017

Hurricane Harvey, Texas, 2017

Domestic Violence Shelter Build project, 2016

RedRover Responders

Deploying volunteers specially trained in emergency animal care

  • Collaboration with law enforcement, local agencies and animal organizations
  • Temporary shelter for pets during natural disasters
  • Aid for animals rescued from criminal cruelty, such as puppy mills or hoarding situations

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  • "This professional development course was a life-changing experience I will incorporate into every aspect of my life."

    Susan Kayne on RedRover Readers program

Listening to students during program activities

Kind News magazine as shared learning experience

Teaching kindness and understanding

RedRover Readers

Building empathy and compassion for animals and people by giving educators the tools they need to promote Social and Emotional Learning.

  • Classroom-based program with engaging discussion techniques
  • Recommended books
  • Interactive story app with questions and games
  • Original magazine that helps kids understand and connect with animals

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