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Help create more pet-friendly domestic violence shelters through our Purple Leash Project partnership with Purina

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Shelter animals impacted by natural disasters

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Provide classrooms with an annual subscription to Kind News magazine

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Provide urgent veterinary care to cherished animals in need

  • RedRover donor
    I've been an animal lover all my life.  As a child, I witnessed my stepdad abusing our pets and it hurt me to the very core. I think your agency is one of the best in caring for animals of all types so I consider my donation as a gift to animals from my heart. Thank you for what you do.
    RedRover donor
  • RedRover donor
    I heartily support RedRover with a recurring monthly donation. RedRover does what no other animal organization does - they promote the development of empathy in children via their reading program. In addition to developing empathy for animals, their program also helps children develop critical thinking skills.
    RedRover donor
  • RedRover donor
    The work you’re doing is beyond wonderful. I don’t have the right word for how critical, moving, essential and terrific it is.
    RedRover donor
  • RedRover donor
    Thank you, RedRover, for all the wonderful and amazing things you do for animals and their humans. With all your compassion, tenacity, passion, dedication, and hard work, you are all providing SO many second chances to our precious and VERY deserving animals, and helping to make this world a kinder and safer one for them to live in.
    RedRover donor
  • RedRover donor
    RedRover [is] on my year-end giving list every year; as an animal lover, I'm very emotionally moved by the work that you do.
    RedRover donor

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