As we navigate the uncertainty created by COVID-19, our pets continue to be a source of comfort, joy and resilience, reminding us to live in the present moment. A veterinary emergency can be frightening under any circumstances, but especially in this current reality. Now more than ever, your support of the RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant program protects the precious bonds we share with animals.

Four years ago, Jennifer opened her home to a four-week-old Dachshund named Chloe. Covered in speckles and with eyes bigger than the moon, this tiny little pup never left Jennifer’s side – except to chase squirrels and cause mischief. 

When our communities were asked to stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Jennifer’s hair salon closed and she lost her job. On the very same day, little Chloe ran out of the house to chase yet another squirrel. She had chased hundreds of squirrels in the past, all without incident, but today would be different.

A car hit Chloe and quickly drove away. Jennifer’s sister ran out of the house to find Chloe in the street with a large cut on her leg, struggling to breathe and unable to get up. She rushed her to the veterinarian and called Jennifer. 

With the last of her money and without knowing when or from where her next paycheck would come, Jennifer paid for stitches, an x-ray and ultrasound, pain medication and an antibiotic. The veterinarian explained that Chloe had a hernia in her lung, and her liver had moved, putting additional pressure on the lung. She needed surgery to put the liver back in place. If they could save her lung, they would save her life. 

When Jennifer applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant for Chloe’s lifesaving surgery, we were able to say yes because generous people like yourself understand that pets are family.

Already Chloe is doing much better, wagging her tail all day and soaking up the warmth of the sun – daydreaming of new squirrels and new beginnings. 

Thank you for making Happy Tails like Chloe’s possible!

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