Not long after rescuing a sweet puppy from the local dump, Shae woke up to find the pup lying on the bedroom floor, lethargic and having soiled herself. The 7-month-old Boxer puppy, Sheba, soon began vomiting. After monitoring her for 24 hours and waking up the next morning to more vomit and pools of bloody stool, Shae knew it was time to go to the veterinarian.

At the vet’s office, Sheba was diagnosed with parvovirus. Even though Shae had nourished her to health after rescuing her from the dump, the diagnosis was an unexpected shock…and a daunting expense. After investing every penny she had and maxing out her credit cards on antibiotics and nausea meds to get Sheba through the next 24 hours — and with her next paycheck still several days away — Shae was determined to reach out for help.

“I was absolutely devastated and knew that I didn’t have the funds capable of caring for and treating her properly. After spending all the cash I had and maxing out my credit cards, I decided to start a GoFundMe with little success. She is my life, my joy and my child. She is my best friend and I don’t want to lose her. I knew I had to do more. I started searching for emergency grants and after filling out a few other applications, I came across RedRover. I completed their application with little hope and a broken heart.”

When Shae got the call from RedRover to talk about how a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant could help, she was also grateful to see that her GoFundMe had been more of a success than she thought. Instead of giving Sheba Pedialye and hoping for a miracle, Shae could give Sheba all the treatment she needed at the veterinary hospital, including medicine for the parvovirus, antibiotics, anti-nausea medication and IV fluids.

While Sheba was in the hospital receiving treatment, Shae stuck by her side, feeding her scrambled egg whites and updating all the kind people who had made donations and offered resources on Sheba’s progress. After a few days in the hospital, Sheba was able to go home with Shae and enjoy her second chance at a second chance. 

Shae shared this update with RedRover:

“A beautiful and bright good morning from Virginia! Sheba and I truly cannot ever thank you enough for providing her with the emergency medical grant. Sheba is slowly working towards making a full recovery!

I just wanted you all to know that she is now eating egg whites and small bits of hard food on her own!! This is such a big step as she has not wanted to eat anything.

This is a picture of her sitting on the bed this morning. She jumped up and stared at me as I got dressed and was right on my heels when I left the bedroom. She is trying to be much more active.

A few days of meds (graciously covered by the grant), some IV fluids (graciously covered by random strangers) and lots and lots of love will have her back to her normal self in no time! I can’t wait to have her back at the dog park playing, but her being back under my chin sleeping is all my heart has needed.

Thank you all again so much. God bless the RedRover Relief fund and the countless individuals who make RedRover run. They have touched not only my dog’s life, but also my life. In a moment when I had no one, RedRover came in clutch and had my back. 

Sheba and Shae

Thank you for making Happy Tails like Sheba’s possible!

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