Desiree’s daughter found little Baker on the street and saved her from getting hit by a car. Their family had two dogs already, but she brought her home anyway. Baker was in bad condition – all matted, covered in ticks, and hungry. They looked for the owners but no one came forward, so they made her part of their family.

“She already means the world to us. She is so sweet and kind and deserving of the love we can give her. She gets so excited to see us if we leave the house and come back that she almost hyperventilates with excitement! She loves it with us.” 

Desiree took Baker to the veterinarian for shots, flea and tick prevention, and a wellness exam so she could be around the family dogs. While there, she learned that Baker had a hernia that needed surgery to fix. Having come from the street, it wasn’t clear why Baker had a hernia – but it was clear to Desiree that she would make sure Baker was happy and healthy.

Her visit to the veterinarian cost a couple hundred dollars and the surgery was going to cost even more. Desiree had been laid off from her job just a month before Baker came into her life, and up to that point was only receiving unemployment benefits.

Desiree reached out to RedRover for assistance. Within a day, she was approved for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant that would help with the cost of Baker’s surgery.

Baker’s surgery went great, and today she is as good as new, with a fresh haircut to boot! She spent her recovery period snuggling with her new human and canine siblings – at peace and happy to be part of the family.

“I can’t thank RedRover enough for how they helped our family. We are so very appreciative, and words alone cannot express our gratitude. We are blessed for the help! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you RedRover!”

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