Kate Emerzian, RedRover’s youngest On-Call Angel, recently shared how good it felt to help animals through our RedRover Relief program. The experience was so powerful that when her 11th birthday came around, Kate wanted to share that feeling with all of her friends. Instead of presents, Kate asked her friends for donations so that they too could be On-Call Angels.

The party was a huge success — not only for the kids who enjoyed being a part of a good cause, but also for the animals who will benefit from the money Kate raised. Kate’s mom told us,

“I don’t think [Kate] realizes the impact that she has… I pointed out that in just a few hours she raised enough money to change the life of an animal and the animal’s owner; that she brought awareness of RedRover to 16 kids who in turn went home and made their parents aware and so on… and that is how change happens. Anyone and everyone can make change happen, even an 11-year-old girl who lives in a small town.

RedRover envisions a future where there is no more animal cruelty or neglect. With your support, we can put our best #pawsforward and reach more children like Kate and her friends to help make our vision a reality.

Want to give your child a memorable birthday and help him/her learn the importance of helping animals and people?

Rather than receive birthday presents, your child can request birthday donations from friends that will help an animal in need. In return, your child and his/her friends will each receive a photo of an animal their donations are helping, a pack of RedRover party favors and a RedRover t-shirt for the birthday boy/girl. Contact Erin Bialecki at ebialecki@redrover.org  to learn more about RedRover’s On-Call Angel birthday party pack today.