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"RedRover is a charity that my wife and I are extremely passionate about. We have been On-Call Angels with RedRover since I first found out about the organization while on a deployment in 2014. 

Our time as On-Call Angels has provided us with some of the most rewarding opportunities to contribute toward keeping families happy, healthy, and whole. Melissa and I look forward to each opportunity we are presented to help another family. We've been a part of 34 cases since we started participating in this program and each opportunity brings us so much joy to be able to help with. "

-  Josh Levine, On-Call Angel

RedRover receives many applications for financial assistance with emergency veterinary care. Our average RedRover Relief grant is small, usually between $150 and $500, but our case managers also negotiate with the veterinary offices to reduce the costs and work with the clients to help them raise money from friends and family.

We can’t fund all of the deserving grant applications we receive, so we reach out to our On-Call Angels for help. An On-Call Angel is a supporter willing to fund grants for specific animals. We ask our On-Call Angel to pledge a minimum donation of $150 per case at least twice per year, a minimum donation of $250 per case at least once per year or $21 a month over the course of a year. This helps us to know how many larger grants our RedRover Relief case managers can fund.

We will always let you know about the specific case you are helping with and provide you with a picture and update on the animal when possible.

You can be confident that your donation as an On-Call Angel is helping the animals and families who need it most. We require proof of hardship to ensure we are helping those in greatest financial need, and we ensure we are making those with specific challenges – the disabled, elderly, unemployed or military families – a priority.

All we would need to know from you is how much you are comfortable giving to a specific case, how often you would like to give (monthly, quarterly, or once or twice a year) and if you have any specific preferences on species, breed, location, etc. Then each month/quarter/6 months/year, we will match you with a RedRover Relief case and call or email you to see if you are able to make a gift. You can then make a donation online, give us your credit card number over the phone or send us a check.

We provide funds directly to the veterinary clinics, not to the clients. This is how we are able to ensure that the animals are the ones getting our help.

If you have additional questions about the On-Call Angel program, please contact Savannah Verdon at or (916) 429-2457 ext 316.

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