5 Holiday-Season Dangers for Dogs – and How to Protect Your Pet

Everything from decorative plants to Christmas dinner can be toxic — which is why holiday emergency vet visits are common. Here are five dangers to avoid.

Choose a dog trainer

How do you choose a good dog training program? What does it mean to be a “dog trainer”?

Choose a rescue group

You’ve made the choice to adopt rather than purchase a pet, but how do you find a reputable rescue group to work with? Our tips will help you find a match.

Heartworm help

What are heartworms, why your dog (yes your dog!) is at risk, and how to treat them.

Pet Dental Health Month

Avoid pet dental problems with these tips.

Pet loss resources

When you’re grieving your best friend, this list of resources may help you find support.

Prevent veterinary emergencies

Take simple steps to minimize the risk of not being able to pay for emergency care for your pet.

Selecting pet food

Feeding your pets high-quality food can have a positive effect on their behavior, health and overall well-being.

Summer Safety Outdoor Tips for Pets

Summertime means more time outdoors and, hopefully, lots of play time for you and your pets. But beware of common yard and garden substances that can be hazardous to animals who eat them.

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Follow these summertime pet safety tips to ensure you and your furry family members have a safe and fun season!

Toxic Holiday Substances to Avoid

RedRover issued a list of the 25 winter-related substances that are most hazardous to pets.

Transportation guidelines

RedRover’s guidelines are intended to help rescuers and others transport pets and groups of pets safely.

Winter Safety Tips for Pets

Here are tips to help keep your furry family members safe and warm in cold weather.

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