Pets don’t fare much better than people in the cold. With heavy rains, snow and low temperatures this winter, RedRover wants to remind you of a few tips to help keep your furry family members safe and warm.

  • When in doubt, bring them in: While some animals are better equipped to handle cold weather than others, if you’re concerned that it is too cold for your pets, bring them inside. According to the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team, puppies, smaller dogs, older dogs and cats are especially at risk.
  • Watch out for antifreeze: The sweet taste of antifreeze is attractive to dogs, but it can cause sickness or death if ingested. Keep containers out of reach and clean up spills immediately.
  • Look out for our feral friends: Outside cats can’t protect themselves from the extreme cold. Consider building them a feral cat shelter – you can learn how to build one here.
  • Keep an eye out for ice: Check and change water bowls often to prevent freezing. Use plastic bowls rather than metal.
  • Don’t leave them in the car: Never leave your pet in the car during extreme cold; it can act like a freezer, trapping in cold air.
  • Watch the frost: Frostbite is most likely to occur on paw pads, tails and ears. If you think your pet could have frostbite, or is showing signs of hypothermia, contact your veterinarian immediately.

We hope you and your pets can stay safe and warm together during this dangerous cold snap!