RedRover Relief

Safe Housing Pilot Homeless Shelter Grant Application

This form may time-out. If that happens you will not be able to submit the application; you will need to refresh the page and reapply. We highly recommend answering these questions in a separate program, like Word or Google Docs, and then copying and pasting those answers to the application. You may also request a PDF version of the application questions.

Cookies must be enabled for the grant application form to work. If cookies were declined you will need to clear cookies and accept them to submit the application. If you need more information, searching something like "clear cookies accidentally declined" should help.

The deadline for submitting an application for the Safe Housing Pilot Homeless Shelter grant is
March 1st.

Applications may be submitted at any time up to the deadline, but will not be reviewed until the deadline. Funding decisions will be made within 45 days of the application deadline.