RedRover Learning

The goal of RedRover Learning, a new educational division of RedRover, is to increase empathy for people and animals. RedRover Learning accomplishes its mission by providing curriculum, professional development and other resources for educators and parents that help children understand behaviors and emotions and think from the perspectives of others.

RedRover Readers

A unique social and emotional learning program that helps children understand perspectives that are different from their own, recognize and discuss emotional states, analyze information from stories and illustrations and make humane decisions. Teachers and educators trained in the RedRover Readers program read to children and lead discussions – helping children increase their level of empathy for people and animals.
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E-Books For Empathy

A new e-book app with built-in games and interactivity that can be used in the RedRover Readers program or as a stand-alone learning tool for home or school. This new social enterprise project is currently in the production stage. 
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Fall 2014 research study

RedRover seeks teachers for exciting study with the New School of Social Research.


"Why empathy?" and other questions about RedRover Learning.