By Maggie McMullen, Ottawa, Canada

Keegan came to me as an emergency foster from a backyard breeder.  This breeder chose to breed for appearance, regardless of the chances that the pups could be born with physical defects.

Keegan was about three months old, and I had just found out my dream career was not to be, as the company was claiming bankruptcy. I felt so destroyed and confused.

In comes Keegan, who I soon realize was born deaf and blind…but a serious bundle of joy. Keegan makes everything a game, loves everyone he meets and is a sponge when it comes to training.

If this amazing little pup can show us that being double-impaired will not hold him back, then I can overcome losing my job…pick myself up and move on with a smile.

I instantly fell in love with Keegan and so did my fearful, anxious dog Aria. But in order to adopt Keegan I needed to convince my better half!  Adam was quick to respond that he didn’t want a dog he couldn’t play with. Well, these two are now best friends and have their own special bond.

Keegan and I have been together now for over two years. Every day I come home to the biggest smile and tail wags anyone can ask for. We have met so many wonderful people and showed them that all lives matter; that regardless of his impairments, he can do a whole bunch of tricks, and at the end of the day he is like every other pup. He just wants toys, treats and to be spoiled and loved.

And I do love him – so much. I am beyond blessed.


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