We’re so inspired by the stories of why our donors choose to give. A recent RedRover Relief recipient, Laurie, sent this note with a donation:

I am donating because in December of 2017 our new Christmas puppy, Molly Mae, was hit by a car. It was a horrific accident that scared myself and my baby girls horribly. I am a single mother with two precious young daughters. Molly Mae means everything to us…In such a short time we have grown to love her so much, she is a HUGE part of our little family, and she is my 8-year-old daughter’s best friend.

Our hearts were broken when the accident happened. But when I reached out for financial help through RedRover, Laurel was there to offer her care and assistance to help us save Molly!

Today, Molly is recovered and her cast was removed off her right leg that had two broken bones… All her scrapes and cuts are healed, and miraculously she has no internal damage… We feel extremely blessed.

I will continue to donate until what was given to us is paid back, and beyond… It is my hope that I can now pay it forward to someone else that needs the emergency help that we did! Thank you again… You came through at our time of need and I will be forever grateful!

Laurie also told us that since Molly and her human sister always sleep together, the little girl insisted she had to sleep outside Molly’s crate as the puppy was healing, so she wouldn’t be scared.

You can help more animals like Molly by donating to the RedRover Relief program or by becoming a FurEver friend.

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