Sadie is the smiling, shining light in the lives of all who know her. Despite her owner passing away and going to live with another member of the family, Sadie always has a big grin on her face. This happy girl loves playing with kitty sibling Divvy, and never misses an opportunity to say hello to friends, new and old.

“We are so proud of her…Sadie is the sweetest, happiest, member of the family, and is well-known around the neighborhood for always being the friendliest greeter to all our neighbors!”

One day, in a burst of exuberant joy, Sadie dashed off toward an escalator. Before someone could stop her, she got her toes caught in the gap and broke them! Her new family, Arianna and Jordan, found themselves in a tough position. They had originally taken Sadie in because, in their words, “it would break our hearts not to keep her in the family.” But between being laid off from work and having their own rescue pet to care for, Arianna and Jordan were under big financial strain when Sadie’s unexpected accident hit.

Her new family kept her toes clean and bandaged while they visited different veterinarians, trying to find treatment they could afford. Exhausted and discouraged, they worried about the effect on Sadie’s upbeat personality. 

“She normally has a permanent smile whenever she opens her mouth and people always remark on her happy, friendly and loving nature, but since the accident she’s not been herself.”

After calling multiple non-profit organizations for assistance, Sadie’s family was approved for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant that helped them get the care Sadie needed to smile again.

Today, Sadie’s toes are healing and the smile has returned to her face…all thanks to compassionate animal lovers like you.

“She’s doing SO WELL!! We’re so relieved and she still gets stopped for being the happiest dog in our neighborhood, even with her little bandaged foot. We’re sooo grateful for all you guys have done to help us!”

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