Rosie is a sweet basset hound mix with an unfortunate tendency to eat things that aren’t food.  Not long after she was adopted, she’d already had one surgery to remove a rock from her intestines, and since then her family has made many changes in their home and yard to try to ensure that it didn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, anyone who loves a hound knows that when they’re looking for trouble, they can almost always find it.  When Rosie’s dog-mom, Monica, noticed that Rosie wasn’t feeling well, she feared the worst and immediately took her to the vet. X-rays revealed a “round object” in her stomach that was making her very ill and needed to be removed ASAP!

Since Rosie’s previous surgery had only happened six months prior, her family needed a bit of help to get Rosie well again. Thankfully, Monica found RedRover and applied for an Urgent Care grant. After reviewing the application, our Case Managers recommended that Monica contact another veterinarian for a second opinion to see if they could get the surgery done at a lower cost. The new veterinarian was considerably less expensive than the original, and with RedRover’s grant, Rosie was able to get in for surgery the same day!

The surgery revealed that the object Rosie couldn’t resist was…a drawer pull.

Rosie is home now, and her family is even more vigilant than before. We received this update from Monica:

“Rosie is doing great! We have since purchased pet insurance, but hopefully, we don’t end up in a similar situation again! We can’t thank you enough for your generous assistance, as at the time, we had NO idea how we were going to pay the costs outside of what Care Credit would cover.”

We can’t thank our donors enough! You make it possible for RedRover to help so many people care for their animals in times of crisis…and you help keep their families together.

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