Kathy Albiani, RedRover Readers’ newest trained volunteer and real-life humane hero, recently practiced empathy and compassion by rescuing a goat from her brother-in-law’s goat herd. She told us:

“On Father’s Day I went out with my brother-in-law to check on his goat herd.  We found a baby goat under some branches with severe eye infection in both eyes.  Because of this she needed to be taken away from the herd and her mama to get treatment for her eyes.  She was so sweet and just immediately cuddled into my arms. I knew I had to be the one to take care of her.  

“I have been treating her eyes and happy to report she is now happy and healthy! Now I don’t live on a farm, I live in the suburbs so she is in my backyard enjoying all the plants (even my Japanese Maple!) and likes naps on the patio furniture!  Even though she is cured from the eye infection she is now a bottle baby and will need to be weaned before returning to the herd so I’ll have her for the next few weeks. She is very dog-like sitting in my lap for cuddles and following me around the yard.  

“We have even taught her to walk on a leash! My neighbors have gotten a kick out of that. We love her to pieces and named her Ginny!”

Thank you for your kindness, Kathy!

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