Thank you for supporting the Purple Leash Project

Join RedRover and Purina in raising awareness about the link between domestic violence and animal abuse.

Thank you for Taking the Lead during Domestic Violence Awareness Month! With your ongoing support, we can create more safe spaces for survivors to heal from abuse with their pets. As one donor said, “Here’s to saving lives, those of people and pets alike… You can’t put a price on safety.”

Testimonials from Purple Leash Project supporters


“Having worked in law enforcement, I have seen the helplessness and hopelessness of those trying to get away from an abuser. For most of us, our pets are just as important to us as our family members and leaving them behind is unthinkable.”

“I’m the shelter manager at my local DV shelter and see every day how pets help their owners through trauma. Hopefully all of our donations can help more shelters offer this to survivors!”


“Survivors deserve a safe place to heal with their pets.”

“I can understand staying in a situation because you won’t leave your animals. It’s like leaving your children. Most of us can’t do it. Having a safe place to go with our animals can make all the difference.”

“Pets provide comfort, safety, unconditional love, and companionship. All things needed to heal emotionally from a traumatic relationship. Stepping away and leaving everything behind takes a tremendous amount of courage – being able to take your pet with you could make the difference between leaving and staying.”

“Here’s to saving lives, those of people and pets alike. A price can’t be put on safety.”

“Pets are such an important part of the family and can provide unconditional love and support during difficult times. The Purple Leash Program is a wonderful idea!”


“I am a survivor of domestic abuse and my dog was one of the only things that kept me calm during anxiety attacks. I love this project and can’t wait to Take the Lead!”

“I’m a survivor of domestic violence and after escaping the situation and rebuilding my life, I got a dog. She is my best friend, my protector, and helps me deal with the healing process. Together, we can take on anything! She serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come after abuse and how resilient I am. I wanted to donate to this amazing cause to give survivors more opportunity to escape and rebuild, and to never have to choose between their pet or their own lives.”

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Safe Place for Pets Resource Card: Pass it on

RedRover has created a simple wallet-sized resource card that hairdressers can give to their clients. This card directs people to our Safe Place for Pets website, where they can find pet-friendly resources in their area. Our goal is for these wallet cards to be distributed to salon professionals nationwide – and this is where you come in.

Please help us connect our resources with the people who need them. If you have a good relationship with your hairdresser, you can help us by talking to them about this issue. Complete the order form, and we will send you a pack of wallet cards to distribute. We’ll also provide a handy informational sheet with some suggested talking points.

Order resource cards