Since 2007, RedRover has awarded over a million dollars in grants to help care for and shelter animals displaced by family violence. Through our Safe Housing and Safe Escape programs, we help families and pets find safety – and heal – together. Here are some examples of how your support makes a difference:

Domestic violence shelter advocate:

“RedRover is an amazing organization that I have utilized often to help clients with their animals. As we all are aware, people would do absolutely anything for their animals, and that includes not seeking safety for themselves to try and protect the animals from their abuser. Thank you all for the amazing work that you do!” 

RedRover Donor:

“My family and I are truly appreciative for organizations like this which provide a means for people to get out of a dangerous situation WITH their four-legged family members. It has been one of the most rewarding endeavors in my life to contribute in this capacity, and I am forever thankful to RedRover for helping to keep families whole, healthy, and most of all safe. “

Domestic violence shelter advocate:

“We currently have a family of three, a mother and her two sons (one is ADA) housed in our shelter. The mother left early one morning to retrieve the pet and the sons stayed at the shelter waiting. When the mother and pet arrived, the dog barked at any and everything. Once the dog recognized the son in the wheelchair, the dog became excited and jumped into the young man’s lap. The joy the pet and the family had upon the reunification makes this pet program even more amazing.”

Domestic violence survivor and RedRover donor:

“This program is so incredibly important. I loved my dog but lost her because I had to leave. It’s so good to see that this doesn’t have to happen anymore to victims. Please don’t stop until every DV shelter is pet-friendly. Please.”