By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

Luna is a survivor…and a very good girl. In 2018, her then-owner abandoned her on the side of the road in Tennessee. Confused and afraid, Luna chased after the car, only to be hit by another car. After a Good Samaritan took her in and paid for her to have surgery, Luna was surrendered to a rescue, where she soon met Rachel. 

An experienced pet foster parent, Rachel could give Luna the love and caring she needed to heal from her injuries. But even after Luna’s initial surgery, Rachel and the rescue staff noticed that something was not quite right with her leg. X-rays showed that her femur was shaped like a wishbone where it connected to her hip, but because she could still walk and play seemingly without issue, the veterinarian advised Rachel that no action was needed at that time. Instead, plenty of exercise and a healthy diet would help Luna have the good life she deserved.

Over three years with Rachel, Luna has become a cherished part of the pack: 

“Luna is probably the best dog you could ever ask for. She loves everyone, and is known for demanding attention and love. She will jump up next to you no matter where you are, and insist on being pet and loved on. She has been an amazing foster sister to about 25 foster animals, including animals with special needs. She has never met a dog she hasn’t liked, and has never met a person she hasn’t liked.”

Even though she had a happy and loving personality, Luna was in constant pain. Her hip joint had degenerated over the years, and she took two different pain medications every single day – but it was scant relief for a growing problem. At just three years old, Luna potentially had a lifetime of suffering ahead of her, rather than the happy, healthy life she deserved. 

Because of her wishbone-shaped femur, Luna was not a good candidate for FHO surgery. Instead, an amputation would guarantee she would be free from pain and could enjoy many more years being her loving (and demanding!) self. Fortunately, Rachel had saved enough money for Luna’s amputation surgery while still paying the high cost of two daily medications and good quality food. But one unintended consequence of the pain medication was that sometimes, being a typically rambunctious young dog, Luna didn’t realize when she hurt herself.

Twice over a short period of time, Luna had badly broken two nails that required her to be sedated so they could be cut and cauterized. Between the treatment, antibiotics, and follow-up care, Rachel had spent nearly half of what she’d saved for Luna’s surgery. Even working overtime when it was available, it would take Rachel months to save the money she needed – but Luna was in pain every single day, and the amputation couldn’t wait. 

When families like Rachel and Luna are in crisis, your support as a FurEver Friend guarantees that these precious animals won’t spend another day in pain. After applying for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, Rachel took Luna in to have her leg amputated. Finally, she would no longer need to take medication to get through each day, and she could enjoy a pain-free life rich with love and playfulness. 

The surgeon found that Luna’s injury was much worse than previously understood. There were bone shards all throughout her hip area, increasing the severity of her pain. The surgeon was able to remove every last shard as they carefully amputated her leg, making sure to give this good girl the special care and attention she deserved. 

Luna is still resting and recovering, and she will need to adjust to the tri-paw’d life, but Rachel is optimistic her girl will be herself again – now pain-free! – very soon. Her three canine siblings and little kitten sibling miss her dearly, and there are an unlimited number of humans she just can’t wait to meet. 

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you for helping RedRover bring hundreds of animals like Luna from crisis to care!