If you haven’t seen it firsthand, you may not be familiar with Houston’s stray animal crisis. With hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in the city,  packs of dogs running in the streets are normal but distressing. Many organizations and individuals are working tirelessly to provide food, vet care, and positive outcomes for this over-run population. But they need more help.

Neighborhood caretakers do their best to maintain feeding stations for the animals, and organizations like Houston PetSet have dedicated programs built to serve the people and pets of Houston including spay/neuter services, emergency veterinary care, and the transport of adoptable animals out of the community. In 2020 alone, Houston PetSet transported over 2,200 animals to rescue partners and continues to transport animals in need twice a month.

RedRover partnered with Houston PetSet in 2018, when Houston was still very much in recovery from Hurricane Harvey. We funded the transport of 300 homeless dogs and cats to placement partners in the Midwest to free up needed space in Houston shelters. Now, we’re partnering with Houston PetSet again to help a large group of these very deserving dogs and cats make their way to the Midwest to find their new families. 

In addition to funding the transport, RedRover staff will be on the ground June 24-25 to assist and meet with caretakers who do this work daily. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Houston PetSet and the community.

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