By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

George with his “vampire teeth” before surgery

“George is one in a million. My husband calls him his little buddy. I found [George] in 2009 when I was working on a farm. He and his brother still had their umbilical cords. The owner of the farm was known for throwing kittens in the garbage and drowning them. He hated cats. I managed to get [George] and his brother out and hand-raised them. We kept George because we just fell in love with him. He is dog-like. He comes when you call him and he will greet you at the door. He loves everyone. We adopted his brother out to a good friend of ours but we couldn’t part with George. He is one of the most amazing, sweet, social cats I have ever known.”

Cindy and her cat George share a special bond. Along with his four feline siblings, a dog, a snake, some chickens, a dove, a parakeet, and a turtle, he is part of a loving home that knows all pets are family.

In the 11 years since Cindy rescued the newborn George, he has assumed the role of kitty ambassador, helping new pets acclimate to their home and becoming their friend and ally. For all his good deeds, he has been rewarded handsomely – he and his siblings all enjoy a healthy amount of treats and endless loving from Cindy and her husband.

George began to sneeze one day and just couldn’t seem to stop. Cindy noticed that his face seemed swollen too, and he kept dropping his dry kibble when he ate. After a visit to the veterinarian, Cindy was sad to learn that he had been in pain for some time. Both of his canine teeth were pushing out of his face, causing the swelling and making eating an unbearable task. 

What they thought of as his charming vampire teeth were, in fact, two teeth desperately in need of extraction to protect his quality of life. They were severely infected and causing inflammation in his gums. Cindy wanted to get him the surgery right away, but she didn’t have the money to pay for it.

She was already on a payment plan with her veterinarian – all five of her cats had become sick from a new brand of treats, and the bills from their treatment were enormous. She had filed a claim with the treat company, but until that was processed, she was responsible for the outstanding balance. The veterinarian wanted a down payment for George’s dental surgery, but she could only afford a portion of it, and even that would be difficult. While her husband worked and she received disability benefits, they could just barely pay their bills and buy groceries.

After being denied CareCredit, Cindy turned to RedRover to apply for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant. Because we can count on the support of the FurEver Friends every month, we are able to say “yes” when families like Cindy and George reach out for help in a crisis. Without waiting another day, George was able to have his vampire teeth removed, along with three others that were infected. 

George after surgery

George was sent home with antibiotics, pain medication, and anti-nausea medication and is now doing fantastic after a successful surgery. Cindy said he has been sticking his tongue out often, and while it may just be because he has a few less teeth holding it in, she hopes it is his way of showing that he feels relaxed and content. 

“Either way, he is quite adorable. We love him so much. Thank you so much for helping me and him. I don’t think he would have gotten this very necessary procedure without your help.”

Thank you for making Cindy and George’s Happy Tail possible! We look forward to sharing these stories with you because you are the lifesaving difference for hundreds of animals every year. Because of you, these animals can count on RedRover to bring them from crisis to care.