In August 2019, RedRover Responders teamed up with Rescue Rebuild, a program of Greater Good Charities, to help transform one of the shelters at Safe Voices, a domestic violence resource center in Maine, into a safe haven for pets. Safe Voices was the recipient of our 100th Safe Housing grant – and thanks to $40,000 in grants provided by the #PurpleLeashProject and, it became the FIRST pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in the state of Maine!

The program has made a huge impact for survivors and their pets. Safe Voices is currently sheltering eight dogs and multiple cats. In the words of Elise Johansen, Executive Director of Safe Voices:

“It’s been really incredible to become a pet-friendly emergency shelter. The shelter residents have loved having animals there, and the staff has loved it, too. To know that you can bring your beloved furry family member with you when you’re in the midst of crisis and trauma and fear — and maybe even venturing into the unknown — to have something that brings you comfort and is part of your family is just immeasurable.”

Elise Johansen, Executive Director of Safe Voices, with her dogs Shumi & Sigi

Click here to learn more about the Safe Housing grant program.