By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

Between welcoming four foster children into their home and caring for two dogs of their own, D’Nae and her husband enjoyed busy lives, with no shortage of love and warmth. For all those in need of someone to care for them, their home offered a peaceful refuge.

One afternoon, they opened the door to see their foster children’s biological mother standing there with a gorgeous German shepherd looking much the worse for wear. She explained that she had gone back to her former partner’s house to retrieve some of her belongings and discovered the dog in horrendous conditions.

His ribs and hips were showing, and the house had been covered in bloody vomit, diarrhea, and urine. There was neither food nor water anywhere in sight. She believed that the dog had been there by himself for at least three days, and so, without hesitation, she took the sweet, sickly dog and left.

D’Nae too could not leave this poor dog to suffer. He would need veterinary care immediately – he was malnourished, dehydrated, and still vomiting profusely. He couldn’t keep down any of the water they gave him, and he wasn’t even interested in food. Already, the four children had named him and it was clear they had been called upon to save him.

“Bear is new to us, as he was dropped off to us in a desperate plea to save him from the abuse and neglect he was in. My children already love him, and we have discovered that this poor dog has been in five different homes. We were not expecting this dog to come into our lives, but we are happy to welcome him into our home. We would love to be his forever home and make it to where he never has to be passed on or hurt by anyone again.”

After only a few hours with Bear, they knew they couldn’t wait any longer to take him to the veterinarian. They were relieved to hear his prognosis was good!  The veterinarian believed with a couple nights of hospitalization and IV fluid treatment, he would make a full recovery. Being just six years old, Bear could still lead a long, healthy and happy life with D’Nae and her family.

With her husband recently laid off from his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and herself a stay-at-home mother to their foster children, D’Nae had no idea how they would pay for his hospitalization. The bill was getting more expensive by the hour, but anything short of saving his life would devastate them.

The veterinarian and hospital staff could see how much love this family already had for Bear, so they recommended D’Nae reach out to RedRover for help in paying the bill. While Bear was still in the hospital receiving treatment, D’Nae went home to apply online for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant.

We were moved by their story and the family’s commitment to giving Bear a good life. As a FurEver Friend to animals like Bear, your support made it possible for us to approve their application for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant and ensure Bear received the full treatment to make a complete recovery.

Today Bear lives with D’Nae, her husband, and their four foster children in what will be his home for the rest of his years. D’Nae shared this incredible update with us:

“Bear is doing absolutely wonderful. We are so thankful for RedRover and the donors who helped make it possible for Bear to come home to us healthy. We started this process thinking that we would just foster him until his forever family came along; however, little did we know, he was the missing piece to our pack! He is getting stronger and gaining more and more weight every single day. He is so sweet and gentle with our children. He protects his new family and his home and you can absolutely tell by his demeanor that he is just thankful to be here. We are so in love with him!”

Thank you for being a FurEver Friend with RedRover, making Happy Tails like Bear’s possible, and giving pets and families the second chances they deserve at happy, healthy lives together.

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