By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

As a busy Ph.D. student, Molly already had her hands full with her cat Bill, a handsome three-year-old Siberian. But when she found two tiny kittens in need of a loving home, she couldn’t just hope for the best and leave them to be discovered by someone else. She knew she would help them grow healthy and strong while Bill taught them “how to cat,” and soon they would be ready to join a family of their own.

It wasn’t long before she found a home for the male kitten, and she decided the female kitten belonged with her grandmother. Molly’s grandmother was awaiting multiple surgeries, and living with incredible pain in the meantime. The little kitten, whom she had named Adora, would be the perfect companion once her grandmother was feeling healthy and able. 

But Adora too would need surgery. This sweet little girl was born with pectus excavatum – the right side of her ribs curved inward, preventing her from breathing effectively. While cats with this condition can lead normal, healthy lives, it could pose issues for their heart and lungs over time. Being so young still — just seven weeks old — Adora could undergo surgery to ensure her ribs would grow correctly.

With her classes recently back in session, Molly had been out of work for nearly a month, and she wouldn’t receive any additional income until the beginning of the next month. Even so, she wouldn’t be able to afford the full cost of the surgery, and the veterinarian required at least a partial deposit to begin treatment. Every day that passed increased the likelihood that Adora’s ribs would continue to grow incorrectly. 

Molly’s grandmother was looking forward to welcoming Adora into her home, reminding Molly of her commitment to these found kittens to give them happy, healthy lives. Despite her busy schedule, Molly went to work creating a fundraiser for Adora’s surgery and applying for assistance from caring organizations.

By sharing their story and pictures of the precious kittens, Molly soon had raised enough for a deposit on the surgery and she called the veterinarian right away to schedule the appointment. With a date set and a treatment plan in place, she applied for help from just one more organization – RedRover. 

The On-Call Angels are a group of compassionate, committed donors ready to help when a family in crisis applies for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant. When Molly reached out to RedRover, one kindhearted On-Call Angel made her Urgent Care grant possible with a generous donation, giving Molly just what she needed to afford the full cost of Adora’s surgery.

Today this sweet kitten is resting and continuing to grow into a healthy cat, with love from Molly and her grandmother and supervision from Bill. At RedRover, we are pleased to share these Happy Tails because your support is the lifesaving difference for pets and families in crisis. Thank you!

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