By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

Just a short time after Maggie adopted her sweet bunny Paisley from a rescue organization, COVID-19 came to the United States and changed their lives completely. Maggie was laid off from her job and forced to leave campus housing. Without housing secured, she couldn’t keep the job she had lined up for the summer. After returning home to live with her family and spending three months unemployed, she found a job nannying that would not put her family’s health at risk. Through it all, Paisley helped keep her spirits up. 

Paisley came to me in a time when I really needed her. In the turmoil of recent events, my life and plans have been completely overturned but she has always been there for me. I have been struggling with heightened symptoms of my anxiety and depression as of late and she is the one thing that has consistently brought me joy and lifted me out if I’m having an episode. I love her with my whole heart and want nothing more than for her to have a long, happy and healthy life with me as her forever-person.

When Maggie noticed that Paisley had lost her appetite and there was blood in her urine, she took her to the veterinarian right away to receive x-rays. It was very unlike this hungry bunny to not want any food! Paisley was diagnosed with two large bladder stones, and Maggie was saddened to hear her bunny was in pain. 

The veterinarian sent Paisley home with pain medication and antibiotics, and told Maggie she still had a little time to gather the money for surgery, since she had acted quickly in getting Paisley diagnosed. But Paisley would need the surgery sooner rather than later. 

Maggie had spent most of her savings from nannying on the x-rays and medication, but it would take more time than she had to save up more even with picking up extra shifts. Her parents would not be able to help as they were paying for both her and her brother’s college tuition. She was determined to get the help she needed to save Paisley.

I rescued this bunny myself and I am responsible for her care both physically and financially.

Between what she could save from nannying, being approved for CareCredit, and applying for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, Maggie soon had all she needed to bring Paisley in for her bladder stone removal surgery. She brought Paisley home that same day, and shared an update with RedRover soon after:

After sleeping off her anesthesia for a day or two, Paisley pretty much snapped back to her pre-bladder-stone-self. Her appetite is back and she’s itching to get out of cage rest and be back to having free roam of the house. In the meantime, she’s taking her meds and getting lots of treats and cuddles from me.

A RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant keeps families together through crisis, giving pets the second chance they deserve for a happy, healthy life with the people who cherish them. Because of your support, Maggie and Paisley will enjoy many more years together – and her gratitude for that is immeasurable. 

I can’t thank you and your donors enough for making this possible for us! Like many people, I wasn’t expecting anything like the loss of income I had as a result of COVID, and I love Paisley so much, it would’ve broken my heart to lose her. Seeing her back in action is amazing, and that is thanks in large part to you all!

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