By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

If you and your best friend spend all your time together caring for each other, does it matter that they have four furry legs and a tail? Seven-year-old Juliet shares a special bond just like that with her pet Cow Cat and today these best friends appreciate each other more than ever – because they almost lost each other.

When a neighbor’s elderly mother developed dementia and could no longer care for her cat, Juliet’s family gladly took him in. This feline, whom they thought would be a family cat or a friend to their cat Fluffles, quickly became Juliet’s cat. Her mother Carolyn was in awe of how deeply they bonded. 

She loves him more than anything! She brushes him with his favorite brush for an hour at a time, loves to play with him with his toys and give him treats. She will occasionally show him what it’s like to be outside in our backyard for a few minutes at a time and tell him all about what he’s looking at. She truly considers him family! On her birthday or holidays, she asks for toys and treats for him instead of herself. Their connection is truly sweet.

One morning the family woke up to find Cow Cat meowing in pain and unable to move. Carolyn was home with Juliet and her three other children so she had to wait for her husband to return home before rushing Cow Cat to the veterinarian. Every minute that passed felt like an eternity not knowing what was wrong, what could happen or what she would tell Juliet. 

Once the veterinarian was able to examine Cow Cat, he was diagnosed with a urinary blockage that, if left untreated, would prove fatal. He would need an IV catheter to receive fluids and pain medicine as well as blood work before undergoing surgery to place a urinary catheter. His treatment would total in the many hundreds of dollars, and it wouldn’t begin unless Carolyn paid half as a deposit.

Knowing how much Cow Cat meant to Juliet, and to the whole family, there was no question that she would pay the deposit. After paying the mortgage, what she had in her account was supposed to get the family through the next two weeks, but it would all go to starting his treatment. Without knowing how they would make it to the next pay day, or how they would afford the rest of his treatment, Carolyn paid the deposit to save Cow Cat’s life.

While he was in treatment, Carolyn returned home to figure out how they would pay for the rest of his treatment and get through the next two weeks with enough food for the family and the bills paid. Though she had been denied for CareCredit, she knew that help was out there. Looking online, she found RedRover and immediately applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant.

Despite such a challenging day, Carolyn was relieved to know her application had been approved and RedRover would help with Cow Cat’s treatment. Encouraged, she shared the news with Juliet, who was delighted to know her best friend was going to be okay.

After spending a few days at the veterinary hospital healing from his surgery, Cow Cat finally came home to be back with his family. Though he would need to take antibiotics, pain medication and a new special prescription diet, nothing would heal him as well as the love and attention of his best friend, Juliet. 

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