Losing a pet is the bittersweet end to years of laughter, play and love. For those of us with cherished pets, it’s a hard reality we know we’ll have to one day face – and for some of us, that day comes sooner than we prepared for. 

While we earnestly wish for every pet that calls upon RedRover for help to have their own Happy Tail, sometimes – no matter how hard the family and the veterinarian fight to save them – a pet will pass away.

We are sharing Bo’s story today for you to know that, even when the outcome is not what we would hope for, your support of RedRover and pets in crisis gives families strength and courage when they need it most. Your support says to them, “I understand your love, I understand your fear, and I am here for you.” 

John and Mindy applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant when their young spaniel, Bo, had an obstruction somewhere in his body that kept him from eating and drinking. They suspected when they first adopted him that he had an obstruction, but his symptoms were mild and it was several months later before it began to affect him enough to see a veterinarian. Normally a bright and active dog, Bo was becoming dehydrated and lethargic. 

After receiving x-rays and fluids, it was clear that only surgery could correct the problem and allow Bo to continue living a happy life. Being elderly, disabled and receiving only Social Security income, John and Mindy asked for help to pay for the critical surgery. 

It was clear in their application just how special their bond with Bo was, and what a remarkable difference he made in their lives. For John and Mindy, Bo was “EVERYTHING.” 

We rescued Bo in order to have a comfort animal due to my disability. Best dog I have ever owned. He is so happy here. All the kids that live in this complex love him. They knock on our door to ask if he can go out to play with them. He plays soccer with them and he is really good at it. When we adopted him, he was sad, nervous and didn’t know how to be a dog. Now, we meet up each day with a different doggie friend to walk with. If you met him, you would love him. He is sweet, smart and has a wonderful personality. We have taught him manners which makes everyone love him and smile when they see him. He has a great life with us.

This dog is loved by everyone that knows him. I don’t think I would survive very long without him. He has become so much a part of our family. We have never asked for any kind of help before but we are asking now. We are so desperate to help this dog. He is only 1 1/2 years old, he is a wonderful dog and it is breaking our hearts that he is suffering. Please, please consider helping us.

With the grant, John and Mindy were able to get Bo scheduled for the surgery he needed. Though they fought hard to get Bo his treatment, guided by their unconditional love and determination to save his life, Bo passed away unexpectedly during the surgery. 

Their instinct at the time of adopting Bo was correct – he had long had an obstruction and it caused complications during the surgery. Devastated by their loss and not wanting to dwell on what could have been, John and Mindy were immensely grateful for the time they did have with Bo.

They recently sent a letter to the staff of the RedRover Relief program sharing their reflections on their loss and love of Bo:

Dear RedRover,

Our Bo did not make it through his surgery. But I can’t begin to tell you how much appreciation John and I felt with your donation. We were so relieved to have gotten him that far. Unfortunately, he had had a problem all along without anyone knowing so I guess it was just his time.

We wish so much that those that tried to help could have met him. He was such a WONDERFUL DOG!!! Even right to the end he was happy and making the vet and techs laugh with his personality. He will be greatly missed for a long time to come.

Those of you that stepped up though really touched our hearts. We were desperate and pretty devastated when we reached out. The outpouring of support that came back was incredible. It made John and me feel that we now have a mission to possibly help someone else that might be in the same situation.

Although Bo passed, you helped us TRY to help him, which was the only thing that we could do. 

He was only 1 1/2 but he had a great life here and he bettered ours! 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. 

Mindy, John & Bo

Thank you for your heartfelt and generous support of families like John, Mindy and Bo. In their time of greatest need, you were there with kindness and compassion, and you’ve inspired them to pay it forward. Together, we will continue to bring animals from crisis to care in every way we can – because all animals deserve a second chance to be happy, healthy and loved. 

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