FurEver Friends isn’t just a clever name – with your monthly gifts to RedRover, you’re ensuring that pets and families in crisis can always receive the care they need when it matters most. You inspire confidence in the families who reach out to RedRover that there is a friend they can count on. And this month, you gave a precious puppy named Gypsy Rose a second chance at a happy, healthy life.

Late one November evening, Jillian and her family encountered a homeless woman in the freezing cold caring for a tiny puppy no more than seven weeks old. It looked like the puppy had been attacked by another dog – her leg was badly broken and she was screaming in pain. Covered in fleas and ticks, the sweet little girl couldn’t even lift her head.

The woman had been trying her best with the resources she had to help the puppy, but the pup was clearly suffering. Jillian pleaded with the woman to let her take the puppy so she could see a veterinarian, and after hours out in the cold, the woman agreed to surrender the puppy.

Jillian had been rescuing and helping any and every animal she could for years. Her family already included two dogs and a cat when she came across this tiny puppy, who she named Gypsy Rose.

This puppy, I believe, was truly put in my path for more than one reason. Out of the hundreds of animals I have rescued, this pup was by far the sickest and most injured. She stole my heart from the moment I saw her. She was in so much pain and we couldn’t get her help right away so her only comfort was me holding her. My son is 9 years old and has watched and helped with this entire process. All he wants for Christmas is to be able to help this puppy. We have all decided on no Christmas presents this year just so we can put every dollar we have to help her and keep her. “In love with this puppy” is an understatement.

With her own money, Jillian took Gypsy to the veterinarian for x-rays. Her leg was broken in two places and she would need pins to reattach the bone to her hip, but the veterinarians were hopeful she could make a full recovery if she got surgery right away. Jillian wasn’t sure how long ago Gypsy had been hurt, but her leg was starting to heal improperly and could cause her pain and complications as she grew.

Having worked with rescues before, Jillian knew it was time to ask for help. She reached out to multiple organizations for financial assistance to get Gypsy her emergency surgery. Her devotion to Gypsy was clear when she submitted her application for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant

We have fallen deeply in love with this dog and are determined to keep her as a member of our family. I’ve exhausted every single rescue and way to get any help for the dog. I’m out of time and resources to help this sweet girl and will have to surrender her if we can’t get this grant. My heart will break. RedRover is truly my last hope and I can’t beg you enough to please help little Gypsy. She has been through hell and back and I’m willing to do anything to make sure the rest of her life is pure bliss. She’s come so far and she truly belongs with us.

Grant in hand, Jillian was finally able to take Gypsy in for surgery. While the veterinarians worked hard, too much time had passed since she was first injured, and the broken leg was amputated to ensure the best possible outcome for Gypsy.

While Gypsy may have lost a leg, this precious puppy gained a safe home and a loving family. As she continues to heal and grow, Gypsy Rose is now doing well – and Jillian has a special message for RedRover’s FurEver Friends:

Thanks again for all the love and support! You made her new life possible 🐾❤️

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