When beautiful Calico kitty Mosey stopped eating and began losing teeth, Marlee knew she couldn’t let her continue to suffer. But between starting a new job and paying her bills, her budget was tight – and since time was of the essence for Mosey, she didn’t have the time to save up for treatment.

Marlee applied for and was awarded a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, made possible by a generous On-Call Angel, to cover the cost of Mosey’s lifesaving dental surgery. Now that Mosey is beginning to act like herself again, “living the lush life and eating turkey Fancy Feast,” Marlee shared her gratitude with us:

Meet Mosey

Mosey is around 8 years old. I adopted her from folks who were giving away barn cat kittens. I brought her home as a family pet when I was a teenager and for a few years we drifted lovingly around each other. We became closer in 2016 after a move to a new house. In my room was my bed, chair, dresser, and, as if a permanent installation, Mosey. She adopted the name Mosey Posey and our friendship began.

In fall 2017, our family faced the sudden and traumatic death of my brother. That winter she became an emotional support animal after I was diagnosed with PTSD on top of a severe anxiety disorder. Mosey and I became inseparable. She follows hand commands to follow, come up, and lay down. She is, at times, overly affectionate and lays nearby during panic attacks and when I sleep. I jokingly tell my parents she is their new granddaughter and if something were to happen to her, I would wear all black for a month. I took over all her expenses and she rarely leaves my room.

Fast forward to spring 2019, Mosey starts to lessen in her affection – hiding under the dresser and never leaving my room. I started to get really concerned when I discovered missing and broken teeth during a particularly wide yawn. Mosey wasn’t eating and she was not the same cat.

I got her in with a vet in town and she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that causes dental disease, bone, and tooth loss. The infection in her mouth had burst through below her jaw and caused several small draining routes, marking the front of her mane with blood and the discharge caused by an infection that only a month ago I had assumed was just a broken tooth. We planned to get her in as soon as I had the money, but until then, she was limp and rapidly losing weight.

Mosey received a grant from RedRover and its contributors that helped her get the surgery she needed to be able to eat and be healthy again. The vet ended up doing 12 extractions of either broken, infected, or rotting and loose teeth. Her infected drainage tract in her chin is healed and her fur is growing back in beautifully. Mosey has put on nearly two pounds that she lost during her illness and loves to nibble at my hands and play again. As I write this she is pressed to my arm waiting to eat dinner.

She loves to rub her face against the edges of my vinyls when we listen to records together and drink out of my water cups if I happen to leave them unattended too long. Her favorite spot is the bottom left of my bed and her favorite time is when I come home from work and pick her up for cuddles.

On Mosey’s behalf, and my own, I cannot thank RedRover enough for taking the weight off my shoulders during such a hard and heartbreaking time. I thought I was going to lose my best friend if the issue wasn’t addressed. I am so thankful for the second chance we’ve been given and hope to spend an awfully long time together.

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