“My guinea Pig Oreo’s life was saved thanks to the RedRover Relief program. Oreo had a golf ball size mass/tumor on her lower front area that was affecting her mobility and overall her quality of life and surgery was her only option for treatment. If she didn’t have the surgery, the ending result wouldn’t of been good.

“Oreo came into our family’s life in December of 2014 and she has brought pure joy to our family, so when we learned that she wouldn’t be with us much longer if she didn’t have the surgery we were crushed. As we all know, surgery is an expensive procedure and my being the only one working supporting a house of six we were unsure how we were going to come up with the funds.

“I began researching on the internet in hopes that I would find someone to help us save Oreo’s life and I came across RedRover Relief. I filled out the financial assistance application and our prayers were answered. They assisted us with almost half of the bill and our Oreo is once again a happy, active guinea pig thanks to the RedRover Relief program.

“They saved Oreo’s life and we are beyond grateful for their support and being there in our time of need.”

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