Sandra recently applied for and was awarded a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant to cover the cost of her dog Sunshine’s emergency surgery to remove bladder stones. Now that Sunshine is home recovering, happy and healthy, Sandra shared her gratitude with us:

My little rescue dog Sunshine was extremely ill and plagued with five particularly large bladder stones blocking most of her urinary tract. She also had a severe bladder infection.

She shivered and moaned with pain and was in urgent need of antibiotics. She required open bladder surgery.

I was heartbroken to see her in such pain. She means the world to me. She is a very bright spirit deserving of her name Sunshine.

She’s been my companion helping me through many difficult times – recovering from multiple cancers, surgeries, and radiation treatments. Sunshine is always by my side, sharing her unconditional love and devotion.

My only income was Social Security and I have very little to go around, so I borrowed whatever money as possible to take her to an all-night emergency care center. That was when I learned she required much more treatment and surgery.

With what little money I had at the time, I was only able to start antibiotic treatments.

I was devastated and felt like so much of a failure to my devoted Sunshine. A kind member of the emergency center’s staff provided me with a list of organizations who may have funds available or grants to help people like me who have fallen through the cracks. That small piece of paper became my hope. Little did I know that this piece of paper was Sunshine’s lifeline for her survival.

I started to follow the information as carefully as possible. I contacted RedRover and actually was able to talk to loving and caring individuals who made me feel as if I was someone special, someone they cared about. I wasn’t made to feel like just another poor person asking for a handout.

RedRover is an extremely well-organized, not-for-profit organization. Their staff is kind, thoughtful and very well-trained. They asked me to tell my story about little Sunshine and why she should be given this chance for a financial gift towards her surgery. They also wanted to see pictures of my little girl. They really cared about her and they wanted to be part of her story. I was feeling so blessed to have them in my life if for nothing else but their support and comfort.

After I completed a very thorough application process, RedRover processed my request with great diligence. I was very impressed with their research, fact-checking my information making sure we were who we said we were. They checked with the emergency center and also with the surgeon who was standing by and prepared to do everything possible to save Sunshine’s life.

Within a few days, I was approved for a handsome gift as part of the funding for the surgery as long as I continued to find other financial resources.

If it wasn’t for their help, little Sunshine would not have had her surgery and this very special loving dog would not be in my arms as I write this letter to you.

I had a hole in my heart and thank God for all the people who devote their time to organizations such as RedRover who open their hearts to people like me.

Sunshine’s operation was a success and she’s running and playing again. She’s still healing and I’m the happiest lady alive thanks to RedRover. They made Sunshine and I feel very special.

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