By Devon Krusko, RedRover Field Services and Outreach Coordinator

Sheltering animals is difficult. Sheltering them in crisis is even harder. Despite best efforts, even in the most ideal setting, the shelter is stressful. We know this. Together, with the staff of the Eldorado County Animal Services, the RedRover team was able to bring relief to both animals and people.

I spent a good amount of time in the cat rooms this past week. I painstakingly created princess beds for kittens and mushy-wet-food meals for a gentle senior boy who would chat with me throughout my cleaning. I put an equal amount of effort into creating the perfect hidey areas for scared friends and finding the most interesting toys for enrichment.

And then there was one: the one kitty I just had to win over. Had to! Fearful yet curious. Inviting but…“don’t you get too close,” “clean around me, but you better not touch.”

I won’t, buddy, I promise!

Originally thought to be a feral feline, he was hesitant when his cage door was opened, but he’d stand his ground. Not one to retreat to his carrier, he would stay perched on top of it, even as I moved it around to clean. With a little bit (well, a lot-a-bit) of wet food, a new space where he was able to be in the presence of people, and a few unforgiving swats, he soon began to settle.

And today? A full body pet and a butt lift.

Tiny victories.

Thank you for giving to a cause that helps to relieve stress for animals during a time when they are overwhelmed with it.

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