Lola the cat was having a tough time when her person, Amanda, reached out to RedRover. Lola’s difficulties started with pancreatitis, which made her lose her appetite, and not eating caused hepatic lipidosis or “fatty liver” disease. Amanda and the vet had tried just about everything to get Lola to start eating, but she simply wouldn’t or couldn’t eat enough to get well. As a “last resort” treatment, the vet suggested installing a feeding tube so that Lola could get enough calories to help her gain weight and start recovering.

Amanda had already spent a lot of money on Lola’s treatments and simply did not have the full amount needed to get the feeding tube surgery. Thankfully, she submitted an application for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant and we were able help Lola get her feeding tube. We even partnered with another local organization, The Chester Foundation, who agreed to match our grant with one of their own!

A couple of months later Amanda checked in with a dramatic update. Lola’s recovery was slow and seemed to plateau after about a month, and she was having complications with her feeding tube. The vet recommended either surgery to install another feeding tube, or to simply remove the tube and see if she would eat on her own. Amanda opted to have the tube removed and hoped that with it gone Lola’s appetite would return. On the drive home she was thinking about the possibility that if Lola did not eat they might have to say goodbye to her, and wishing with everything she had that Lola would get well. When she got home and let Lola out of her carrier, Lola went straight for her food and started eating like a champ!

Lola has since made a full recovery and is sharing love and purrs with her family. Lola’s road to recovery was a long one, but thanks to Amanda’s patience and perseverance she was able to finally live a healthy, happy life. Thank you to our supporters for making stories like Lola’s possible!

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