RedRover Responders specializes in setting up and operating temporary shelters when large numbers of animals are affected by a natural disaster or rescued from large-scale cruelty situations such as puppy mills and hoarding cases.

We offer services free of charge to local animal welfare organizations, law enforcement and communities:

  • Set up and operate temporary animal relief shelters
  • Provide daily animal care, including feeding, watering, cleaning and socializing
  • Manage volunteers
  • Document and identify animals
  • Coordinate veterinary care for sick and injured animals
  • Distribute animal food and supplies to pet owners
  • Reunify animals with their families
  • Facilitate the transfer of unclaimed or surrendered animals to adoption/placement groups

We are ready when crisis and disaster strike. Our program team will respond to your request within hours and work to deploy a qualified group of volunteers as quickly as possible.

To apply for financial assistance for an individual animal in need of urgent veterinary care, please visit the RedRover Relief page at

To request assistance for multiple animals please email a description of your need or call the RedRover Responders team:


Phone: 916.429.2457

Toll free: 800.440.3277