Volunteer Code of Conduct

All persons working or volunteering on behalf of RedRover Responders shall adhere to the following policies:

  1. Volunteers shall not abuse or neglect any animals.
  2. Volunteers shall follow the rules and procedures as outlined by RedRover during the volunteer training process and as instructed during the deployment process and volunteering period.
  3. Volunteers will understand and comply with the Incident Command System (ICS) at all times.
  4. Volunteers agree to protect confidential information about deployment invitations, criminal investigations, animals, volunteers and disaster victims.
  5. Volunteers agree to withhold from taking any type of photos or videos during deployment unless specifically authorized to do so.
  6. Volunteers are expected to be professional, honest, reliable, and compassionate toward humans and animals, and to recognize that they are part of a team effort.
  7. Volunteers must involve RedRover staff in requests for assistance, mobilization or deployment.
  8. Volunteers shall not solicit donations of any type to personal accounts or for other organizations while they are volunteering with RedRover. All requests for donations must go through the proper chain of command. All donations accepted on RedRover’s behalf shall be delivered to a Field Team Leader, who will forward to the RedRover office as soon as possible. Personal gratuities or solicitation for unaffiliated organizations are prohibited.
  9. Volunteers shall communicate any changes to their scheduled deployment days/times to the RedRover office and/or the Team Leader in a timely manner, and sign in and out daily while deployed.
  10. Volunteers must receive consent from a RedRover staff member prior to representing RedRover to the media at any time.
  11. Volunteers shall not publish or publicly make any derogatory statements about RedRover, partner organizations or individuals at any time.
  12. When representing RedRover, volunteers shall wear the uniform (RedRover Responders t-shirt) designated by RedRover and wear current identification while on site for a response. Volunteers should be as neat and presentable as possible. Volunteers shall only use the RedRover Responders badge while deployed or representing RedRover.
  13. Volunteers shall be prepared to accept assignments as directed by the Team Leader.
  14. Volunteers shall observe all safety rules and regulations and should be familiar with the proper use and operation of all equipment and only perform tasks within trained capabilities. Volunteers shall inform the Team Leader of any safety hazards or accidents, including animal bites or scratches.
  15. While on duty, volunteers shall not consume, or be under the influence of, any impairing substances including alcohol; or possess, use or sell any illegal drug at any time while deployed.
  16. While on deployment with RedRover Responders, firearms and other weapons are prohibited.
  17. Volunteers must obey all local laws, ordinances and regulations.
  18. Smoking is not permitted while on-duty except in designated areas.
  19. Volunteers agree to allow pictures and/or video to be taken and used, without compensation, for the purpose of promotion and publicity related to RedRover and its programs.
  20. Volunteers shall follow the rules and guidelines in the RedRover Responders Volunteers Social Media Policy.

RedRover is an at-will agency and has the right to terminate a volunteer with or without cause. Breach of listed code of conduct terms may result in the loss of ability to volunteer for RedRover. RedRover reserves the right to release any volunteer who is in conflict with the goals of RedRover.


RedRover’s Pledge to Volunteers

RedRover pledges to:
  • Within our ability and authority, keep the animals’ best interests as a priority at all times.
  • Treat all volunteers with respect.
  • Be available to all volunteers and respond as quickly as possible to all questions, comments and requests for assistance or advice.
  • Communicate with volunteers as openly and honestly as possible at all times.
  • Train volunteers and give them the tools and knowledge they need to successfully perform their duties. We will strive to provide clear direction and clarification of expectations.
  • Keep volunteers safe and healthy while on deployment to the best of our ability.
  • Seek and use volunteer feedback to guide program decisions. RedRover recognizes the value of the volunteer’s input and encourages continued communication.
  • Handle any situation involving volunteer criticism or discipline as professionally and discreetly as possible.
  • Never force or expect a volunteer to do something outside of his or her level of comfort.
  • Provide at least two group briefings per day while on deployment, and one debrief opportunity after the deployment is over.
  • Honor and respect volunteers’ feelings and emotional attachments to the animals in their care during a deployment.
  • Provide support for the emotional needs of volunteers before, during and after a deployment. RedRover will also provide direction for additional opportunities for support if needed.

Page last updated June, 2011