Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (Alberta, Canada only)
Canine Cancer Awareness
Dog’sLife Specific to North and Central Texas
FETCH a Cure Companions in Crisis (VA)  and The Felicia Fund (D.C.)
Land of PureGold Foundation Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grant  Applicants MUST have been active, full-time working dogs at the time of cancer diagnosis.
Magic Bullet Fund
Paws 4 A Cure
The Riedel and Cody Fund
Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation In order to apply your Vet must write a letter of recommendation to to be considered.
Santa Fe Community Foundation Athena Fund, Specific to New Mexico
The Joshua Louis Animal Foundation
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund Emergency Medical Support Fund
Diabetic Cats in Need  Assists with information and resources for diabetic cats.
Lantus Land Emergency Fund  The Lantus Land Emergency Fund runs fundraisers on an as-needed basis to assist cat caregivers who are regular posters in the Lantus Tight Regulation Insulin Support Group on the Feline Diabetes Message Board when emergency veterinary care is needed for their diabetic cats.
Mobility impairments
Handicapped Pets Foundation Donates mobility equipment
The Pet Fund Provides financial assistance for non-emergency veterinary care, up to $500 per applicant, for non-routine, necessary treatments.
Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community Accepts used wheelchairs, refurbishes them and loans them at no charge to rescue groups with handicapped pets in need.