Find help now! is a resource listing pet-friendly domestic violence shelters, as well as organizations that can look after the pets of domestic violence survivors when pets cannot stay at the domestic violence shelter. Click the picture below to search for pet-friendly resources.


Research clearly shows that offenders of domestic violence often have a pattern of abuse involving all members of the household – including children and pets. When survivors of domestic violence seek to escape their abusive homes they’re not only faced with the challenge of finding shelter for themselves and their children, but also for their pets.

Unfortunately, many shelters do not have the means to house companion animals and many survivors are left facing the difficult decision to either leave their pets behind or remain in the abusive environment. Sadly, many survivors stay in abusive homes for fear of subjecting their animals to continued abuse, if left behind. Equally disturbing, animals are often left with their abusers to face torture or even death.

What is RedRover doing?

RedRover offers financial assistance for victims of domestic violence and their pets through our RedRover Relief program.

  • Safe Escape grants pay for temporary boarding and/or veterinary care to enable domestic violence
    victims to remove their pets to safety. For safety reasons, the application must be submitted by a shelter
  • Safe Housing grants grants fund start-up costs for domestic violence shelters seeking create a program to allow families and pets to escape abuse together. Our grants can help to build pet housing at the domestic violence shelter, or help domestic violence shelters work with partners in the community to offer other pet housing options. Watch our webinar to learn more.
  • The Purple Leash Project, created in partnership with Purina, is a grant program that will provide funding and resources to domestic violence shelters who wish to accept both survivors and their pets.

Since 2007, RedRover has awarded over a million dollars in grants to help care for and shelter animals displaced by family violence. Here is one story:

Lynn and her family had been living in fear for months. Lynn’s two-year-old daughter and their family pet, a one-year-old dog named Coco, constantly witnessed screaming and disturbing behavior from Lynn’s abuser. He regularly “tore up the apartment” and had once kicked Coco. Lynn gained the courage to leave their abuser and fled to a nearby domestic violence shelter. The shelter was unable to house pets on site, but Lynn’s case manager knew about RedRover’s emergency grant program. A Safe Escape grant paid for 30 nights of emergency boarding for Coco and enabled the entire family to start a new life. Learn more about available grants.

Relevant statistics on domestic violence and animal abuse:

While most domestic violence shelters do not provide on-site shelter for animals, programs exist that help connect pet owners with safe animal havens.

Spread the word

Share the flier
Download RedRover’s flier about pets and domestic violence (PDF) and distribute it to your local domestic violence shelters, animal shelters and other people who care.

Spread the message
We’ve created a wallet-sized resource card that you can distribute to your community and those who need it. This card directs people to our Safe Place for Pets website, where they can find pet-friendly resources in their area. Complete the order form, and we will send you a pack of wallet cards to distribute. We’ll also provide a handy informational sheet with some suggested talking points.

Resources for domestic violence shelters:

  • If you are a family violence shelter interested in housing pets on-site, please email for assistance.
  • Learn more about RedRover’s Domestic Violence Safe Housing grants, which fund start-up costs for domestic violence shelters seeking create a program to allow families and pets to escape abuse together.
  • The Domestic Violence Resource Library is a comprehensive list of all kinds of domestic violence resources divided by location, audience, and type.
  • The American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Humane Fund Women’s Shelter Grants are awarded for essential operational support relating to the housing of pets or capital improvements specifically for the housing of pets.
  • The Mary Kay Foundation observes National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by awarding grants to deserving women’s domestic violence shelters across the United States.
  • Rescue Rebuild is a shelter renovation program that renovates domestic violence shelters to be able to accept animals.
  • Banfield Foundation’s Pet Advocacy Grants support nonprofit organization programs that are designed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes.
  • RedRover maintains a directory of various grant programs for nonprofit organizations.

Other resources:

Legislation related to pets and protective orders:

Many states have enacted legislation to include pets in protection orders in cases of domestic abuse. Is your state one of them? Learn more