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Request a Professional Development Training

Email our Education Department at to request a RedRover Readers professional development training.

"This was the best workshop I’ve ever taken! – I mean it. It was thoughtful, informative and inspiring." - Former teacher, humane educator Maggie Amiano

Interested in learning how to increase empathy, awareness and build a supportive classroom, while earning Continuing Education Credits?  Request a RedRover Readers professional development training for the teachers or pre-service teachers at your site. To learn more about this exciting program, and to express your interest in a free professional development training* for your entire school district or elementary school, send an email to RedRover offers unique program development trainings to instruct teachers and pre-service teachers how to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum in their own classrooms.

If you are passionate about developing critical thinkers and fostering social and emotional learning, the RedRover Readers professional development training will give you the tools needed to foster a respectful and empathetic relationship between your students, their peers, and the animals they encounter in their lives.

The RedRover Readers professional development training is an engaging, five-hour session that enables educators to develop reasoning, decision-making, and empathetic thinking skills in their students. We work with your professional development coordinator to arrange the details of your participation in the training including date, training location, the incorporation of Continuing Education Credits and the minimum attendance needed to present the session. 

At the conclusion of the training, educators will be able to:

  • Access the RedRover Readers curriculum
  • Use specific question strategies to elicit critical thinking and promote empathy
  • Expand conversation and facilitate discussions
  • Demonstrate genuine interest in student responses and model effective communication skills
  • Increase student engagement
  • Recognize stories as useful tools in developing moral reasoning and empathy for others
  • Begin to familiarize themselves with students' emotional reactions and attitudes about animals.

Please contact RedRover's Education Department at with questions about this exciting opportunity and for more information on how to bring the RedRover Readers program to your site.

Please download this poster about the RedRover Readers program and share this information with other educators.

*RedRover is a non-profit organization and as such may not be able to travel to your geographic location to provide training. An online training option is available.